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i 2q. Chap. 3 2. An Expofition upon-the Book of J o B. Verf.2 T, rence tomen. We mutt take heed inprivate judgements,that we be not fwayedaccording to the condition of perfons, nor mutt we make the fault great or letfe, the caufebetter or worfe, becaufe the perfon is greater or lefle, friend or ftranger to us. The A- poi le gires this counfel and caution to the Churches ( fames z. I) 2, 3,'4, 5 ) My Brethren, have not the faith (that is, the do&rine of faithor prefeffìon ) ofour Lord jefue the Lord ofglory, with ref])e l ofperfons ;For if there come intoyour affembly a man with agold ring, and there comein alfo a poore man in vile rayment, andyou have refpei to him that weareth the gay clothing, and fay unto him, fit thou here in agood place, and fay to the peore; fraud thou there, or fit here under myfootflool : are ye not then partiall in your ¡elves, and are'become fudges of evill thoughts. In admini- firing the things of God which are fpirituall; we mull obferve no civili ditference,no diftin&ion amongmen.Chrift hathgiven him- felfe alike and equally to richandpoore,bond and free,and there- fore, as to Church- priviledges and enjoyments, they mull all be alike,and equal! unto us. No man is tobe knowne after the,Refft in the things of the Spirit ( 2 Cor: 5. 16. ) that is, no man is to- le valued meerely, upon natural or worldly accounts ; if we doe,, then (as the Apollle fames concludes in the place laft before mentioned) are we not partiall in our felves t that is (as force alfo tranflate that reproving queftion) Have we not made adif- ference, a grouncilefre difference,or a difference grounded upon carnal refped s,rather then upon any folid reafon; and fo as it fol- lows in the dole of the verle, are become judges of evill thoughts, that is, have made our judgement of thofe perfons, according to the dictateof . our oWne evil{ and corrupt thoughts, not accord- ing to the rule of the word. Further, this fin of refpe&ing perfons, is found alto in the o- dinary converfe of men; For when we cat} favours upon thole that are ill deferving, and commend thofe (as we fay) to the- skies, who fhould rather fall under our feverefl censure, and are led to doe all this.alfo,becaufe the perfon is a kinfman or a friend; for though (cateris paribus,. other qualifications and circum- fiances being equal!) we are to refpe& friends and kindred, who are our owne flefh, before ftrangers, yet venue and worth fhoutd. out-weigh relations, and (as Levi indoing Juflice,Deut: 33.9 ) fowe in bellowing rewards, fhould not acknowledge our Ere,