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Chap. 32. An Expofition upon the Boole, of J o u, Verf. 21. Brethren, nor (¿,new our ówne children ; but let fuch have our re- wards whobelt deferve them. I may adde this alío, To take up this or that forme of religion, becaufe fuch and fuch perlons are in it, and tePrejel another though better, becaufenone but a few that are defpifed and con- temned are in ir, is a molt dangerous wayof refpe&ingperfon.. This was the meaningof that queflion (John 7.48.) Haveany of the rulers, or ofthe Ph rifees, believedon him ? As if certainly. That mutt alwayes be the belt wayand rule ofbelieving, which is profeffedby the rulers ? Or as ifit were groundenough to reje& away of religion becaufe the common people or thepoore are moftly found m it. Thus,. 'tis ftoried of a Great Prince that was convertedto the Chri(tian faith, andRefolved tobebaptized, that feeing a' great . many poore men in his way as he went, he asked to whom they belonged ; it ryas anfwered_ they were Chriftians, and of that religion which he was entring into ; what, doth Chrift keep his fervants fo poore ? (faydhe) I will not ferve fuck a Ma- fter, and fo drew backe, evenwhile hewas but fetting his face to- r,. wards Chri(t. I might inftance the finfùllnefs of accepting p Cons in many other particular cafes, as well as thefe, but t may fuffice fora tali. Let me not (faith E Iihu ), acceptt any mans perfon, Neither let'megiveflattering titles untoman. In the former part ofthe verle it was Ifh, here it is Adam; Gr,eciverteum I will not refpeO the perfon of the greatelt men, nor will I fiat- i5 cogamni- ter any earthly, anymortal( man. Mr Broughton renders That I nanzii per r , reaa&x.9xtre- refpetl an earthly man. The vulgar latine tranflates the whole vereri,et verfe tuns ; Iwill not-accept any mans perfon, and I will not e- Kaozu orpó to rftsallGodto man ; As if he had fayd, I will not meafure God by onámrariper- man, in hisdealings and. proceedings with man ; Asmy pnrpofe is to derunt. Mac fpeake truth, andfpare no man, fo;hvill Mot. wrong God by, drawing Etdeumhorini him downe to the rules o fmen. what is man that he Pooled compare non æquafo. with God ? But, though this be a truth, yet .becaufe it departs fo vulg; farre from the. Original text, I will not ftáÿ upon it. Our read- ing iscleare. I will not give flattering titles. There.are feverall other readings ofthefewords, whichl iball' prosofe. 25