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To the Chriftian Reader. fo theLord referees to himfelfe a liberty (his So- veraignty allowing it) to affli&t the bell and ho- liegi ofhisfervants for the tryall oftheir graces, er the magnifyingofhisownegrace to themand in. them ;a a Mailer of Heroick Arte and Games im- pofeth a very laborious task upon his 3chollar- Charnpion,not as a punifhment ofany elefault,but to confrmehit flrength and exercife his valour. The dueconf derationofall thefe things layd to-.. gether by Elihu, might wellfatisfie Job , andfu fame hisfaith in a patient bearing the burden of all thofe calamities , which the Great and molt wife Godwas pleated to impofe upon him , and likewife convince him thathe hadfayled match im giving out fo many impatient complaints about them. And no doubt they prevailed much with him, both towards his conviSiion , and the quiet ingof his heart under thofe difpenfations ; For we heareno more ofhim in that language. Yet Elihu thought he had not done enough, but continueth his difcourfe, and draweth afurther demonfiration for hispurpofe , from the wonder- full workes of God in nature, from the raine,. thunder,fnow, windes, &t.c. which he dothfrom the 27th verfe of the 36th Chapter to the end of the 37th, and. with that concludes his, an-- fwer. the.