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Chap. 3 2. Expoftion upon the Book of 3 o B. .Verf. 8. $ 3 knowledge,andá manofunderflanding will a'ttatne Unto all C'ounfell; Every man bath an underfianding, but every man is nor aman of underflandig ; every man is not a manof underflanding in natu- rail and civili things, much letfe in things divine and fpiriruall. As fome men have fo much will, or rather wilfulnelbe, that they are,noshing but will ; and fome have fo much paf ion , that they are nothing but pallion; fo others have fuch riches and treafures of underítanding, as if they were nothing but underilanding. Now, it is the fpeciall infpiration of the Almighty which giveth fuch an uìnderila nding ; that is, anenlarged and an enriched un derfianding. W,e fay, the infpiration of the Almighty g:veth uñder,Handing. The Hebrew is but one word, which we May expreff as fame rnretÚ stn ínt doe, It Intéllelhfieth. So then, the fcope and meaning of this ens. Sri r. verfe is plainly this ; That howfoever every man, the meaneff of men, bath a reafonable,foule, yet the furniture of the underfland- ing,or mans fulnefs of wifdóme and knowledge is bygift or infpi- ration of the Almighty ; and therefore fome read the verfe thus ; Surely there is a fpirit inman, -bat the infpiration of the Almighty rnaketh them to underhand. Thus Elihu would gainecredit and authority to what he had to deliver, asbeingby the teachings and dictates of the Spirit of God. TheSeventy comply fully' with I fpi itts i this rendering ; There isdi fpirit inmen, but the infprrationef the ratio aurem Alm-*hty teacheth As ifElehu had faid.,7hough man be endowed omniporentis with naturallknowledge and reafon, which can doe fomewhat , yet doter. Sept, until! light fhines from above, till thefpiritofGod cornes- in and en- largeth the naturali fpirit,lt cannot feefarre, nor doe anygreat mat- ter. Or take the fence of the who}e verfe thn- , in connection with what went before ; Thougholdage bath odds ofyouth, yet one man ás well as another bath a-fprrit ofreafon and judgement inhim, whereby through [apply of fpeciall infpiration from God (who can doe all things ) he may be able to kyow that which want of yearn:* denieth.him. Frotta the words thus opened, Obferve , Firf}. wi[dome or underflanding is thegift of thé spirit ofGod.' We have a like afferrion by wayof quefiion in the 133th Chip- ter- ofthis booke ( ver. 36.) »'ho hathpet wi[diane into the in- wardti