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sio Chap. 35. vinExpoftiou upon the Book Jos. Verf.14. pleaded thus withGod, Shall not the Jroáge ofall theEarth do right ? (Gen. 18. a,.) Certainly, he will do right, he cannot but do right ; judgement is before hire. The Scripture is expreCs, He willreward every man (and award to every man) according to hisworks. Every man (hall have as he is ; for (as the Apoffle fpeaks, 1 Cor. 4. 6.) He ¡hallbring to light the hidden things of darkneffe, andmake mani fee the courfell of the heart ; and thea !hall every man havepratfeof God ; char io, everyman (ball have ir, who is fit for it ; everyman (hall have praife, who is (as we fay) praife- worthy, how much (Dever he bath been difpraifed, {lured in his credit, unworthily dealt with, and accufed in this world. God will not hold, or detain the truth of men in unrigh- teou:nefle, thcugh men hold both the truth of God, and the truth of men ( the truth of their Caufes) in unrihteoufnelle. judgement is before the Lord. Fu: Cher, That Particle which we render yet , gives us this Note. God is never awhit the left Righteous, becaufe it dothnot appear toms that he is fo. Although thoufayefl, thou (halt not fee him,yet judgement is be- fore him. Thewayes of God are often ferrer, but none of them are unjufl lodgement is before him, even then, when we think i- is farthef} off fromhim. Therefore, ifwe will give God the glory of govern'ngthe world,and of ordering all our perfonal con- ditions, we muff not meafure him by the thingswe fee, or which appear ; for we cannot fee the meafure of hisJudgement by what appears, that which appears tous is not his Judgement, fomething elfe is his judgement-, and he in the dole will make his judgement clear tie all men, he will make it appear that judg- ment is his, though what his judgement is cloth not appear. The mil-apprehenfions, or mnif-conflruaions of men donot at all re- tard or (lop the righteoufneffe of God, as the Apofile fpeaks in another cafe (Rom. 3. 3.) Shall the unbelief of man make the Faith of God (that is, the Faichfulneffe of God) of none effea ?' G'od forbid ; God will be Faithful and True, though all the world be Unbelievers and Lyars. Now, as the unbelief of man cannot make the Faithfulneffe of Cod of none effe& ; fo our not belie- ing that Judgement proceeds, or our faying it is delayed, does not