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..iv Chap. 36.- c4iE.vpoftion upon the Book,of J o B. Verf.a. AndIwill thew thee, &c. rvIrl Rrt? sus That is, I will make all plain to Thee, I will give the a full elucinotema deciacatrnn of my mind, and I hope of the truth, ì will fee all be- :a 4: dècí,ratio. tore thee, that fo upon a review thou mayefi the eafier apprehend r e,n importat: my fenfe, a:td give thy fenrence about it. Day canto dayuttereth &>!d. fpeeeh, (faith David,, Píal. 1 J. a.) and night untonight (Fieweth knowledge. ' ris this word, and it notes.,a veryplain and evident manifcitarion of that which is offered to beknown; thevery night carrieth a light in it concerning the glory of God ; I wi/I fhew thee That I have yet tofpeak,on Cod. behalf, Datizaaver Some read for God, or to God ; that is for the gloryof God, bid addilorin- or to the honour of God, in the clearing up of his righteoufnefs, dicat honoren againfi thofe blemi+heswhich thy fpeech, if not intentionally,yet etrutetuit, lo- confequentiaily, bath cati upon it ; Í will fpeak that which may qui Deo, efi both convince thee, and jul}ile God. The Original Text firitily non folua pro Des defenden- is thud, 1 willlhew thee that there areyet wordsfor God ; that is, do, fedetiam I will make it appearthat many thingsmore may be faid and pro - honorifrcando ved in purfuanceof this Poynt, for thy further humiliation under fermoneaálfu- themighty handofGod, and for the Lords vindication in all his mere. Bold. dealings with thee. /fpeakfor God : Nor was this 'a cheer pre- üarape at- tence, ora vainboafi, asI find Come Expofiters (I conceive very ragantesfhi caufelefy) charging Elihee, as if here hepublifieea zeal to fpeak fentiuntfalontii for God, that he might gain applaufe, or draw a reverence upon reverentiam himfelf, inwhat he had to fpeak: Sane ('ds granted) have cry- non deberi,Do- edup the Name God, when they clofel aimed at Their own : mini nonnun- p o ' y y #uampote,ti- But doubtlefs, Eau washonefi and 'plain hearted, when he faid, am, de quo that what he had to fay was for God ; as he pretended, fo hewas quafatoquuntur really for God ; Ihaveyet tofpeak ez Godsbehalf. infnuant, &e. Greg. inLoc. Hence Obferve,Firíl; rt is a mans honour, as XVII as his daty,, to be anAdvocatefor God. As it is mans comfort , his cttoicefi comfort, that Godbath provided an Advocate for him, that heakath found out one to fpeak r,o hinifelf inour behalf namely, gusChrifi ; fo it is both the duty and honour of man, tobe an Advocate for God. Fo>