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Chap. 36. t/`n Exp, f tion upon the Bookof J o B. Verf. 2. 14i For if, Fi: f} , it be a greathonour to knowGod, and to have God made known to us; Hehatknot dealtfo with any Nation (as he dealt with the 'Jews, in giving_ them the knowledge of his trend) a%d as for his judgements they have not known them, (Pfal. 147, ao.) Secondly, It it beagreater honour tobelieve, and obey ac- cording ço what we know, then Thirdly, When we know, when we believe and obey, our greatefi honour of all is toplead for, and fund up in Gods be-" half , to undertake (beingcalled) the defence of his truth and of his wayes, to contend earnefily for the Faith, once (byGod) de- livered to the Saints, which is indeed the only good contention. Paul faith ( Phil. r. t7.) Iaanletfor the defence of the G,fpel. Paulwas a Champion ready to cope and buckle with all comers for Chrift or the Gofpel ; and therefore at the loth verle of the fame Chapter, he faith, the great thinghe lookt after was, That plus Chrrfl might be magnified in his body, whether by life, or by death. There are three wayes whereby we appear as Advo- cates onGods behalf ; Fir(f, By faying, or arguing ; Secondly, By doing or pra&ifing ; Thirdly, By enduring and fuffering; and by all Chrif} is magnified in our body ; the two former wayes, by life,the latter by death,or by that whichbears the Image of ir. There's nohing needs a fuller meafureof defence for G ;d, than the Ti of God and we never ffand upfo fully on Gods be- half, as when we i}and for his Truth, though our felves fall. To fpeak and do on Gods behalf, is mofi for our own behoof, though we get but (mall fees or wages, yea though we lore our all in this world for fuch fpeaking and doing. I could wifh there were not too much caufe of complaint,that God hath not many to (peak on his behalf, and that ChriaJefus,our grear,our only Advocate with God,hath few Advocatesamong men.When God as it were calls to ur, who is on myfide ? who ?Truly there are but few that will appear fo- him, that is, for Truth,for Holinefs,ror holy Wor- fhip few-appear for there thingswhen differences arife about thetn.The corrupt part of the world in any Age will not, and the better part are not fo free as they ought, to fpeak and appear (in fuch Cafes) onGods behalf. The world (fa ïth St. John in the Reve- lation)wondredafter theBeall.; & he cannot want Advocates,who bath fo many Admirers. But as the Admirers, fo the Advocates of