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Chap. 36. an Exrf.ttim upon the Booh, of Jo B. Verf. 2. of theLamb are not many, they are only a fealed,a feleaed Corn pany.We can be very warm in fpeaking in our own Caufe,and on our own behalf; but how cold anddead- hearted are we when we come to fpeak in the behalf of God 1 what a fad withdrawing is there from that duty ! God Rands up often on the behalf of his People, and owns them in their need, yet few own God, or the Truth of God, when thereis moli need. Remember, as it is our honour, fo our duty to fpeak on Gods beh tlf ; and they will come to a bad reckoning at tail both for their doings and fpeakings, for the work both of hand and tongue, who have done and fpoken much in their own behalf, and little or nothing on Gods. Again, As EGhu makes this an Argument to provoke 7o6 to hear him patiently, Note, They that fpeakfor Clod, ought to haveaudience. It is an Argument commandingattention, ro fay, I fpeak from God, or for God. As when the Lord himfelf fpeaks, all ought CO hear ; even thole things that have no ears, are call'd upon to hear him (peaking, or what is fpoken from him,Near0 Heavens, and hearken0Earth, faith the Lord (Ifa, r. 2.) Now, as when the Lord fpeaks all thould hear,fo all fhould hear when any thing is fpoken on the Lords behalf ; they that fpeak for the Lord in truth, fpeak allo from the Lord. As truthbears the (lamp and Ímage of God, fo it tends to the glory of God. To refill the truth of God, fpoken by a true Meffenger, is to refufe the God of truth, (Luke ro. 16 .) He that hearethyou, heareth me, andbe that defpi feth you, defpifeth me. Not to hearthole that fpeak for the Lord, and from the Lord, is indeednot to hear the Lord, and fo they will be judged in the great day. Thirdly, In that Elihu gathers up his Spit its, girds up the Loins of his mind upon this confideration,that_hewas to fpeak on . Gods behalf, Note, They Whofpeak for God, may fpeak with courage, ayd 6e bold. Ifany thingcan encourage us to, and in a worts, 'ris this, that we engage for God. That which puts fpiritand life into us, is our end