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16a Chap. 36. an Expoftion upon the &ekof J ©$. Verf. y, they prefently anfwer , Our God is sn heaven , and h; hash done whatfoever pleated) him. It is not what this man pleafeth,,or what that matrpleafeth, or what this fort or gange of men pleafe, but what the-Lord pleafeth, that is dones ( and that hedoth well, how ill foever men do it ) both in heaven and inearth. The Lordwill not doall that he can, for he could by his power reduce this world to irs fir ti principles,a Chaos, or into a noticing, as it before that, but he cando whatfoever he will ; all things are poffible to God, yea all things are eafie , nothing hard or difficult toGod And we may very well pat a behold of admiration upon his might ( and fuck is the might of God,) who cando whatfoever he wilieth. Fourthly., The Lord is fomighty, that he can do all , without the help of any. Some men arevery mighty, but it is with other mens hands, with other mens flrength let them alone, let them Band by themfelves, dobut defers and leave them, and what can they do ? jufl nothing. But loch is the mightinefs of God, the Altniyhtinefs of God , that if all fecund caufes, if all pert-ens, powers and Nations fhould leave him, in that which he intends should be done,he cando it himfeif without them. The Prophet letting forth the vid ory of Chrifl 'ovèr his enemies, reprefents him fpeaking thus , (ffa. 63. 3=) f have trodden the wine-prefs alone ,and of thepeople there was none with me. Which though ma- ny interpret of his paffive 'compel by fuffering as a Pried, yet mofl,of his a&ive conquef as a King, which he ufuallyatchieveth by himfelf alone,without any appearance of help fromman. And though Deborah in her Song (f udg 5. ) pionoáanceth a curie up- cie! chofe that came not out to help the Lord againfi the Mighty, yet it was not becaufe themighty God needed their help or fer, vice,but becaufe they did owe it him, & in duty fhould have gi- ven it him. For,that the Lord wants no help, is further clear from the Prophet, (1fa. 59. 16.) Hefar that there was no man, and wondered that there was no lutercef for, (none fo muchas to fpeak a word ) therefore hù armewrought falvatio,n, and his rghteoninefs ìt fuflained him. Not only, noarme was put forth to help, but no tongue fo much as move or intercede for help todo it , yet his own arme did it. Thus the Prophet, (Ifa.14. 24.)He flretcheth forth the Heavens alone, and laid the Foundations of the Earth by h:,nefel f. Now as it was with the Lord in the work a Creation, e