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(hap. 3 5. e./AA Expafîtion.upon the Book of J o z Verf, s 25 wonders the Heavens are ; fee with admiration what a vafInefs, what an ext6lneßë there is in the Heavens above thee. Thus the word is uíed by the Profher, (Ifa. 4z. t 8.) Look ye blind, thatye mayfee. Ic is a Prophefie of Gofpel tithes : that is, Confider the Meflages and Myflerìes of the Gofpel exatIly, view them well, that ye who are blind may behold the.gloricus light that trines forth in them. There were manyblind ones in Ch ills time, that lookedupon the things of the Gofpel, and did not fee ; the Pha- rifees lookt upon them, and they were among the blind ones; they indeed hadbetter thoughts of themfelves , and therefore put that queflionco Chrifl in (corn, (John 9. 4e.) Arewe blind aye ? They did not look fo as to fee ;theywere blind when they looked, and blind after they looked : The holy Prophet exhorts poor blind fouls to whom the Gofpel should come, to lookbetter, co lor,k again and again, till they faw, Lookye blind, thatye may fee ; That is, be diligent and humble,that ye may fee the light fhining in the Gofpel. The proud Pharifees who would not fee the light which Chria offered to them, were the wo;11 of blind ones. This is the Look,which the word in the Text calls for. Look, unto the Heavens, and fee ; it cannot be underflood of the out- ward fight only,for he that looks upon theHeavens cannot but fee them ; but a man may look a great while upon the Heavens, and not fee them confiderately, nor underf}and what he teeth. The words import attention and confideration : And fo they are tiled ocatù fn :uit and placed (2 Kings 3.14.) Were it not that I regard the pretence ell ofJehofhaphat the KingofJudah, Iwould not leek unto thee, nor fee thee; faid Elifha ro 3choram King of Ifrael ; that it, I would give thee no refpe&, nor take novice of thee. In this fenfe the Horner, boc Prophet reprefents the Church befpeaking the incompaffionate áf8 Foa Spe& ators of her calamity, (Lam. i. t 2.) Is it nothing toyou, all re 7N¿ubels, ye that paffe by p Beholdandfee (that is, weigh it well, and confi- funs fubRanrix der) if there be any forrow like unto my fcrrow. Lookunto the Hca- denfe, nempe vensandfee. dereonden/a- And Behold (with like attention) the Clouds. There is fome rut: At Sbeh< difference among Interpreters, about this word which we render Ant a pillow, Clouds :The Hebrew properly,fignifiesThi'nnes ; but a Cloud , is rid. thick, and conuf s ofmany Aireal vapors,condenSed into a body; 4u41ir and therefore this word cannot well be tranflated a Cloud, (faithlL"tiac1i; this Author) but the thin Heavens, that is, the h` :gher Heavens, ergo 1wh ce- thofeabove the Airy E ' nrs etas Heaven, Again, Pik.