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26 Chap. ; 5. an Expofition upon the Boekef Jos. Verf. 5. 15`P1itti ut Again , The Clouds are lower than the Heavens, they are neer- 15rimum ell to us, theyare inaendred in the middle Region, nor do they tberala;Huber at any time rife higher than that Region. Fttrafr'uch then as Elihu fso1 . ar° is endeavouring by theconCideration of the highnefs of Gods roy- al feat, or of the vaa diflance (as the Prophet (peaks) of the ha- bitation of his Holinefs and of his Glory from us, to prove, that neither any good we do can profit him, nor any evil we do,reach to his diladvantage; therefo-e it may feem not to make much for the purpofe of Elthu, to call lob to behold the Clouds, which are neer us, comparatively, though their diflance from us be really very greats but I conceive, notwit haanding that Criticime of the word,and this reafon, we may well enough abide by the Tran- fiction, which faith i Behold e Clouds Clouds - icker tha he Ai°, y e but thin, andare loonduper fed by winde and rarihed by heate. Again, Suppofin, ( as indeed they do ) that the Clouds move in the lower part of the Heavens, it encreafeth and hightens the fence of the words to the purpoîe, for which Elihu makes ufe of them. As if he had laid, Behold and fee the Heavens, the up- per Heavens, the Starry Heavens, they are higher than thou, yea, behold the Clouds which are neerea to us, and much, very much below the Starry , thofe epecially which Aflronomers call the fixed Starry ; yet dobut behold the Cloud,, which at the top of fume hills owe may touch with his hand, ( force defcribe great men hiding their heads among heaClouds )r Behold, old, I they are Clouds beyond thy rleach ;ln much more the Heav ns,mofl of all God, who is higher than the highell Heavens. Thou cana neither add to, nor diminith or blernith the beauty of the Heavens, thou cana not make a cloudbetter or wore ; What then cana thou do to or againa theGod of Heaven ? Toconvince fob of this, is the pur- pole of Elibu in calling him to the view of the Heavens. Now foralmuch as Elihu invIces Job co the view and Contemplation of the Heavens ; Note ; Piro, It is our duty toJludy and meditate the natural works of God, or bis works in Nature; Especially the Heavens, which arc fo eminent a part ofhis works. The Scripture calls fume, Starr-gazers, fucia are they, Who Ruy