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Chap. 3 5. tAn Expofitiou repon the Book of J o n. Vert. 9.. fignifeth magnitudeas well as multitude,the muchnefs as well as the manynefs (if'I may fo fpeak) of the oppreflions which were upon them. Any one great opprefiion will make men cry , how much moremany great ones We render it as a word of number. By reafon ofthe multitude Of opprefons. t11 The Original notes oppreffion of alt forts Firft, opprefïion up- Oppret, vim on the credit and good name of another,by flander and falle ac- fecit,qu:zvu in- cufation So the Septuagint render it., By reafox cfcalumnies, or .tutu asecit, u,,,righteou, charges, or Sycophants Mes, .( that's the word in the Creek Tranfla:ion )theycry. Falfe accufers undermine others, and bring them into danger by burdening them with lyes. Se- condly, it notes ufuallyoppreflion upon amans ettate, (I Sam.1 a, 4. ifa. 3 3. t 5. Ez.ek IS. 7. Mal. 3. 5. ) Thirdly, upon his per- fen,,( Ifa. 5 a. ,4,) Now when aman is oppref ed all over, when his credit or ;good name is oppreffed bycalumniation, his efface by wrongful! feifure , and his perfonby violent reffrainr, here's a, troop, a multitude of opprelTìon. By reafon of the multitude of epprejons Theymake the opprTed to ery. That is, the opprellòd do not only complain a little, but are forced to open lamentations; the load upon them is fo heavy, that they cannot contain, they cry ; yea as the next claufe bath ir, they cry out, as a woman in travel, when her pains come upon her. They make the epprefed to cry, They make them cryupon a double Confideration; Firff,be- caufe of the mifery which they feel, and are burdened with ; Se- condly, for the mercy which they defire, expe&, and think long a-coming; men cry for eafe, for help, for afl'iftance, for 'delive- rance : we may fuppofe the oppreffed ones in the Text crying in all thefe refpe&s ; the burden was foheavy upon them, thatit made them cry out for the very weight of it, and they cryed andcalled for force charitable, or tender hearr,tocome and cafe them of it,and deliver them from it.Elihudoth not reft infpeak- ing this once,but repeats it again ; By reafon ofthe multitude ofet- Per'