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82 Chap, .3 2. 4n Expofition upon the Book of J o B. Verf, 7, look like, or refemble Stars. TheChurch for the Infhre of her graces , is laid, to look forth ea. the Morning , fair as theMoon, clear as the Sun (Cant. 6. io.) and fo may the Angels as the Stars. The Apoffle faith of thole falfe Apotiles ( whowould needs be accounted Stars (faithful Minillers of Chrifl) in the Firmament of the Church) they are transformed into Angels of light (z Cor. i I. 14.) that is, theywould appear like Angels of light. The holy Angels are Angels of light. The leven Stars are the (even Angels , faithChrifl, expounding the Vifion to John (Revel. 1, zo.) This thews that Angels and Stars have a ve-y great fimilitude ; fo thar,as there in one Cede , fohere in another, the Stars may lignifie the Angels. And the Angels may very well be called MorningStars, becaufe they were the lira of living Creatures, their Creationbeing fuppofed to be (though ('YÏofes expreffeth nothing of it) comprehended within that of the Heavens : In the beginning god crested the Heaven and the Earth , the Heaven and the heavenly Inhabitants , the Angels. The evil Angel,the Devil,that fallen Angel,is allo cailed,aMorn- ing Star. That TitleLucifer,Son of the Morning, which the Pro- phet bellows on the Affyrian (ifa, 14. 12.) for his pomp and pride , properly belongs to the Devil, the Arch-Devil, a fallen Angel, or the Primier of the fallen Angels : yea,Jefus Chrifl himfelf is called the Day-Star' (2 Per. r, t 9.) and under ano- g51 * cher far different expreflîon) the Morning Star ( Rev. z. zS. ), vrpsrvIz. and he faith of himfelf (7,ev. zz, i6.) I an; the bright and .Morning Star. Thus Chrifl , who is the Angel of the Cove- at'E é,rm¡a= nanc , the Lord of Angels, the Creator of Angels, is called the °rSls 'Sopas. Morning Star. All thole Scriptures bear tetiimony that it is not a0e° firange to expound Stars by Angels. And therefore, when the Lord faith , The Stars fang toge- ther, according to this interpretation "(upon which yet I shall not MO , but leave the Reader to his own opinion) it is but the fame with that which follovves in the doleof the verle, to which now proceed. And all the Sons ofGod fhoutea for joy. The Chaldee Paraphrale is exprefs, that the Sons of God are Jleies Angelo. the, Angels', rendring , The Armies of Angels loused forjoy. trhald, And theSe rua me are asclear'for it la ing tt'hen;all m Angels ingéFi rrzer P 3 , Y ns y % Sept. fling