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Chap. 38. AnExpofftion epon the Bookof J o a. Verf. 7. 8; fang for joy ; both leave out our Tranflation, the Soar ofGod, and put that which is the Expofition into the Text, the Angels of God. That the Angels are called Sons of God , bathbeen chew- ed before ( chap.'. 6.) There wan a day when theSons of god came together (that is, the Angels) and Satan (the evil Angel) came al fo among them. The Devil , or evil fliric , thru,1himfelf into the affembly of the goodSpirits or holy Angels , who are theSons of God. If any ask how the Angels ate the Sony of God ? I anfwer Fit , Negatively , They are not the Sons of God , as JeCus Chrift is. Angels became the Sons of Cod in time ; Jefus Chrift is the Son of God fromEternity. TheApofile (Hc . 1.5. ) puts the queftion , To which of the Angels Paid he at any time,thou art my Son ,this dayhave Ibegotten the: ? TheAngels are the cre- ated Sons of God ; Jelus Chrift onely is his onelybegotten Son. Angels are the Sons of God by meet g-ace and favour ; the Lord accounting them as Sons, accepting them as Sons, uuing and re- fpe&ing them asSons , as he Both alto all true believers , who likewife are the Sons of God. But Jefus Ciirifl alone is the Sonof God by Nature, or by an eternal generation, and was fo declared in the fulnefs of time , both by his Incarnation and Re- furre &ion ;, which many conceive to be the Apotiles intend- ment, in thofe words, This day have I begotten thee; taken óut of the fecond Pfalm , and quoted (Ads 13. 33 .) as alto (Heb. 1 S.) Secondly, In the Negative , The Angels are not the Sons of Godby Regeneration, nor by Adoption. Thus Believers only are the Sons of God (fohn r. i z.) To as manyas receivedhim, to themgave be power to become the Sons of God , even to asmany an believedon his Name. Believers are the Sons of God , rege- nerated and adopted; Angels are not fo. The holy Angels need- ed not Regeneration ; for as they,were created holy , fo they fell not from that holiness in which they were created : and therefore Chrift is not to them a Redeemer for their reftau-alien, but onely a Head for their confirmation and ef1ablithtitent ( Col, z. to.) As for the Angels which fell , they are referved in chaiY:s of darknefs to the 7adgement of the Great Day; they have ro 4hare in Redemption , their fa'l is irrecoverable. Thus we fee how the Angels are nor the Sons of God. But}how:then are they the Sons of God ? M 2 I