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84 Chap. 38. AnExpoftion repen theBook,of J o B. Vert. 7, I anfwer, Affirmatively , The Angels may be called the. Sons of God in a fixfold fenfe. Firfi , As Adam is called the Sonof God (Luke 3. 38.) in his primaryConflitution orby Creation ; fo Angelsare the Sons of God, as they are his Creatures. Secondly, Angels are called the Sons of God , becaufe of Gods great affe&ion to them, as well as his creation of them. Such as we much affe& and love intrinfically, we are ready to call our Children , Sons or Daughters : The Lord bearsabun- dance of love to the Angels, therefore he calls them his Sons.. Thirdly, If we confider their place or f+ation : The Angels wait upon God , they are near to him , they 'nand about his Throne as Sons , to receive his Blefling and Commands. There are three things fpecially confiderablein the Angels : Firfi, Their Nature , fo they are Spirits, or fpiritual Sub- fiances. Secondly , Their Offices , fo they are the Meffengers and Minifiers of God. Thirdly, Their Dignity or nearnefs to God , fo they are his Sons. Chrifi the onely begotten Son, is in thebofome ofthe Father, (Thya.18.) that is, he is neareff him , and bath moui inti- mate communion with him : The Angels are fo near toGod , that (though they are not in his bofome, yet) they alwayes behold big face (cMatth. 18. to.) that is, hand in bisprefence, as being in high favour with him ; and are therefore in that refpe& calledhis Sons, Fourthly , Angels may be called the Sons of God , becaufe of that confiant uniform obediential frame that is in them ,, to- wards God. ASon honoured') hisfather, (Mal. i. 6.) It fhoald be the difpofition, and in the heart of every Son to do fo. And feeing it is not only fully the difpofi -ion of Angels, and in their hearts to do fo , but they have alwayes a&ually done fo,, (the holy Angels may truly fa-y unto God, as the elder bro- ther Is brought in laying to his father ( Luke s. 29.) Lo , there many years, even ever lince the Creation, we doferve thee ; neither have we tranfgrefl at any time thy commandment, either by leaving undone what thou hat bidden us do, or . by dc ingwhat thou half forbidden us) therefore Angels having the genuine fpitit of Son`s towards God, may-in that regard afro be fined the. Sons of God,. Fifthly,;.