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Ch 38. an Expoitioos upon the Book of o s, Vert. i. 39 atioa of man, which was the (ixth day, there was a Devil , a Tempter , who overthrew man ; yet here we have all the An- gels in a holy QIire. Hypocrites are forward to joyn in as of praife, in acts of prayer, in aEts of hearing , who yet in time of temptation fall away , and fo fall into as bad a condition as the fallen Angels ; of whom the Apoflle Jude faith (verf.. 6.) that not Navin kept their firfl eflate (or principality) but leaving their . own habitation (appointed them of God) he bath referved theou ix ever!aflingchains (both of Providence and Juflice) under dark- nefs, unto the lodgement ofthe Great Day. Fourthly, Obferve ; c The great bufinefs of Angels , and that which they are mofb bent to , ts to praife God (Pal. ro 3. 2o. Pill. a 48.2.. Ifa. 6. 3. ) And as at the birth of the World the Angels floured for joy, foat the birth of JeCus Chrill (who was the Author of the fecond Creation, as well as of the brfi) the Angels fhouted for joy fuddenly there was with the Angel a multitude of the heavenlyhoff praiíng God ( Nuke 2. r 3.) Topraife God is heavenly work, 'tis angelical work, the moll proper work of the Sons of God. We (hall not alwayes have need ofpraying , but we (hall alwayes have caufe tobe pra Ong and (hooting for joy :. This filmic will remain to all eternity. Praife is the [Hall fpiritual work, and re- quires the molt fpiritual frame of heart; and therefore thechief of that work is referved to an e(tate, wherein not only our fouls, but our bodies too, (ball be altogether fpiritual. Fifthly, Note; The werk ofCreation Mould continually cafi up our though, is to the praifeof God , to _ling and bout his pratfes. Did the Stars (rake themproperly) and did the Sonsof God (the Angels) rejoyce when the work firfl began ? and is not the w work to be rejoyced in no cis finifhed ? Though fin bath fulli- ed the work, yet the glory of God is bill tranfparent in ir, the power, goodnefs, and wifdom of God are glorionfy feen in the things that are made ( Rom. i. 2'o. ) not onely were they feen, but they are leen to this day.The creaturesare !till a'glafs where- in we may behold the invifible things of God , even his eternal N Power