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90 Chap. 38. c,4n Fxpofition upon tha Book, of ] o 8. Verf. 7. Power andGod-head, fo that they who glorifie him not in and for thole works , will be found and left without excufe : They are a book, a volume , coral-tiling of as many leaves and lines as there are diflinot forts of creatures , wherein we may read the great God plainly defc ibed to us : and if fo, let us remember our fault this day ; Is it not our fin and fhame, that we are fo little in admiring God for this wo. k , which let all the Ang_ls in heaven a Pinging, a ('hooting , a wond ring ? There. are feveral things in the Works of Creation , which well confidered , will foon pro= woke us to Singing and to ihouring. Firfl , The multitude of Creatures. Secondly , The,various kinds of Creatures. Third- ly, The beauty and excellency that is in the Creatures. Fourth- ly , The profit and the ulefulnefs of the Creatures. Thefelaid together , fhould drawcut our praires, and caufe us to exalt the power , wisdom and goodnefs of God manifefled in and by his Creatures. Laflly , Confider what was it that caufed the Angels to [bout for j >y , when they law this wo:k of God begun? Surely it was she appearance or manifeflation of God , fhining brightly in the Work of Creation. Hence Obferve The difcoveries of the power, tvifdom , and goodnefs ofClod, fkoaaldflïr up , and engage every man , and cannot but efe- lually fir op and engage thole who arewife and good, to rejoyce to God. Somewhat of God is flamped, or there are certain lines of his tranfcendent perfeaì.ons drawn upon every Creattare ; here a line of wifdom , and there a line of power ; here a line of goodnefs, and there a line of mercy ; the fight of thefe fhould cattle us to fheut for joy; efpecially,that this God,the Creator of the endsof the Earth is our God for ever and ever,and will beour guide even unto death. Howmany lines have we of God in the World , which we have not read, much lefs fludied and com- mentedupon ! .In how many things is God vifible , and yet we fee him not , nor acknowledge him aswe ought ? Take onely there two things by way of inference from the whole. Firfl , To be ofaprang, of a rejoycingfpirit, is tobe of an ex- aellent fpirit )of an angelical fpirit. Let usimitate-the angels in praítïng,