Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v12

Chap. 38. finÊxpofitionupon the Boohof J o n, Verf. 7. 91 praifing God.The Angels arecalled the Sons of Go.d,becaufe they irritate him ; let us imitate the Angels in praifing God , fo (}gall we approve our felves the Sons of God roo. Secondly, Confider , The Angels rejoyced at the laying of the foundations of the Earth. The Earth was made for man Heaven was the Angels habitation, they were well provided for, if there had never been an Earth , they had been provided for ; yet they fhouted for joy , when God laid the foundations of the Earth for the tile of man and beaff. Hence take this Inference ; It Chews a ,goodfpirit , to rejoyce at the goodof others , or to be pleafed with that which is beneficial to others, thoatgh it be no benefit to as. This argues an excellent fpirit , an angelical fpi.rir. Some if they are well houfed and provided for , care not whether others are boufed and Irovided for or no ; nor can they rejoyce at the good of others, but as their own good is concern'd. In glory we (hat! be like to the Angels , our very bodies (hall be like to the Angels , living without food, without (leep, without mar- riage ; inHeaven we (hall neither marry, nor be given in marri- age ; 'but (hall be like the Angels. O let us flrive to be like the Angels in our minds now, as we hope to have our bodies like the Angels hereafter, evenclothed (a,, the Schoolmencall them)with angelical endowments. llolefs our fpirits are like the Angels here, unlefs we have hearts like the hearts of Angels in this World , we (hall never have bodies like them hereafter, or in the World to come. N2 JoB.