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Chap. 38. An E.rpo/ition upon the Bookof J o B. Verf. 8. g 5 We take is from a root which lignifies to hedge in , or cotnpafs eircumfepfaq about , as alto to protea ; becaule thofe things which are corn- acfie/rera paired about with prong hedges, are under protection , and fepi,cumj n fate from danger. Water being a fluidbody; spreads it felt over ot,:;Znpsego eYm. all -p , the water cannot contain is felt in its own bounds (fluids can- autem nor) but it muff be bound , it mutt be (hut in , or (hut up. The pertmeth f . Lord (hut lip the Sea , as the watersof a great River are (taut up D i wi ere. by flood-gates ; or as the waters upon which a Mill is built (forne carry the allufion to that) are pent for the fervice of it, and are caused by art to run?racuallydr by inches, as the Matter of that ufeful engine gives dire &ion. Thus the Lord (hut up the, Sea, TheSea is a great Convention or Affembly of Waters , as e 'tofes fpake ( Gen. t. io. ) The gathering t4etherof'waters, the Lord cared Sea: TheSea isa confluence, ormeeting of wa ters. There may be a great water , yet that not the Sea ; the confluence of all or manywaters together, that is Sea. The wa- ters being thus gathered or affembled"by the Lords Summors or Command, he hedged them in, or flíur mì th p Secondly,Or hers'render, Whéanóinted t)ie doers df the Sea,whin a alw it brakeforth, as if it had ;peed out of the womb: '"ThyWho gtvt m;,rirmunait. this Tranllation, derive the word from a root , which fignifies to Godus. anoint; Some Interpreters infili much upon this fente oftheword, and I find onewhó affects ie as theonely fenreof iì in thisplacé ; Who anointed the doors of the Sea, that.5s, the paffages by which the Sea iffued forth. And (faith be) the reafonwhy .other learned Interpreters pitch upon that Translation of (hurting up the Sra with doors , is becaufe they knew not what tomake'of anoinìirg the doors of the Sea, nor to what prtEtice fuck ànexpref lion should allude , that the dcors of !the `Sea weireanoint- ed : whereas indeed that notion of the Word bears,,ìhefairefh allusion and proportion to the Metaphor ofChild-bearing, begun in this, and carried ou (askwere) profeffedly in the next verse, under which the Spirit of God is pleated to exprefse,e coming irerir doe r forth and original of theSea e Nów, faith my Author;itlYS a thing n : ce ábo, commonly known both to Ffìy(i' `ans'and Mid=v tv s,t ti° c tfAfe Oa' Nana parts of the body by which (helnfant?cocësinto the`rbi3Id , usePew fs ú e' to be anointed , for' its móré èaí$e' pá(tage. Thus faith f`,odto pues eriopat; lob , 1sdf than anoint the doors of ti, e Sea , when if brake:forth, doej#entxa as mare.Ido