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96 Chap. 38. 4n Expofition upon doe Book,of 3 o a. Vert g as if it had iffued out of thewomb. It was my Mid- witery , my wifdom and skill , not thine , that brought the Sea into the World , and gave it an eafie birth , or delivered the Earth of it without hard labour. This makes the fence of the whole Con- text run more clearly than our reading of it. And fo we have Sta- ckers of two forts in this Context : In this eighth verle , the doors of the Sea are the doors by which the Sea carne forth ; and in the tenthverle, we have the doors by which the Sea is kept in whereas according coour rendring, the doors in both places are interpreted as keeping the Sea in ; and fo there would be a mention of the fame doors twice ; which though it may be ad- mitred , yet this latter feems to be the cleareff , as taking the firfl doors for thole by which the Sea was let out, or had irs birth, and the°latter , for thole doors by which the Sea is kept within its bounds. Who¡boit up the Sea with doors, When it brake forth. £xivit cum The word which we tranfate tobreak, forth , fig fifes inother ïmpetu, places of Scripture the breaking forth of a Child in the birth: David ufeth it ( Tfal. zi. 9. ) Thou art be thattock,me out of the womb ; there it istaken (as Grammarians (peak) cranfitive- ly, here intranfiLively , when it brake frth , noting a kind of rapture or violence as when Tamar was in travel (Gen. 38.27, 28. ) There were twins in her womb ; and it came to paft, when the travelled , that the one put out his hand , and the Midwife too, andbound upon his band afcarlet threed , faying,this came out firff; and it came to pafs, as he drew back his hand , that beholdhis bro- ther .cameforth ; andthe Paid , how hall thou brokenforth? this breachbe upon thee ; therefore his Namewas called Pharez. Thus the Sea brake forth violently, as if it had iffued Out of the womb. !s; nceulr0 di- What Womb ? Some fay of the Providence of God ; fayo- viva ,rovi- denthe.Ayuin. thers, of the Decreeor Counfel of God ; for that is the womb, Creavit dean out of which all things proceed : A third faith , out of the Pow- wain non ins- er and Omnipotence of God : All there fayingsare true , either PIeln mfedgray' of thefeis as the womb out of which all things iffue ; but thefe, tic tm the Providence, the Decree and Counfel, the Power and aetnporis ow_ Omnipotence of God , are the Comrxon Womb, out of which *memo mood all