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r Çhap. 3L Ao Fxpefition opon theBook of J o s. Verf. g, Secondly, The fea is very ucconflant , it is now ebbing, a- non flowing. It is fo with this world, and all things in it ; our comforts are fometimes flowing , and fometitnes ebbing ; our peace comes , and anon it goes ; we have force gooddayes and more evil ; the dayes of darknefs are many , and the bell meet with many of them in this world ; the world is full of changes, the fafhionof it páffeth away. Thirdly , The fea water is a fait water , an unpleafant water ; and fuch is the world , though many drink greedily of it, and would even draw it up , as the Scripture fpeaks of Behemth, drawing up Jordan. "f hey who drink in worldly things, as if they could drink up the whole world , yet drink but fait and un tirgufiine, pleafant water. One of the Ancients notes it as a great mer- cy to man, thar God doth thus imbirter the world to us, making it brackifhand diflafiful. And indeed God bath on purpofe tem- pered the things of this:world , that they fhowld not be too fweet and lufcious for us, or left we fhould diflemper one felves by them , or forfeit upon them. Thirdly , The Sea is an Emblem of the heart of man , efpe4 daily of a wicked mans hearr. Man is a little world , and the . heart of man bath a fea of worldly vanities in it (lfaiah 57. 20.) The wicked are like the troubled fea ; and the heart of a wicked man is the moll troubled and troublefome part in him. The heart unchanged, is like the fea : Firfi, For turbulency or troublefomnefs ; what is more un- quiet than the heart of man ? no fuchnatural forms upon the fea ; no fuch civil forms either at fea or land , as there are car- nal forms in the heart of man what a flir,what broils, doth the heart of manmake many times! Secondly, The heart of man is like the fea, as it is fait, brackifhand bitter, through the haflinefs and rafhnefs of our fpi ;its. The Prophet Habakkukcalls the Chaldeans abitter and hafly Nation ( chap. a. 6.) flatly perlons arebitter perfons perverfenefs, peevifhnefs and paffions lodge in them. Thirdly, The heart of manhash wavesin it, full of pride like the lea ; what fea bath fuch proud waves as the heart of man :hash ! O howdo many even deifie thetnfelves, think and fpealF of themfelves as if they were more than man ! It is laid of the Kindof Time (Ez,cljel aa. 2.) that befithie heart as the heart 9