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Chap. 38. an Expofitioo upon the Book of J o s. Verf. 8, c9, Secondly, Of the World in its various motion s, _ Thirdly , Of the heart of man in its vilefi corruptions. The Sea carrieth in it, Firfi, A reprefentationof God himfelf .; which may be taken in four things. Firfi , In the hiddennefs and unfearchablenefs of his wif- dom (Pfal. 36. 6.) Thy judgement; are a great deep , ora fea; (Rom. r 1. 33.) O the depth of the wifdom and model of f od l howunfearchable are his judgements, and to waves pa(l fcndiog out ! None can fathom this Sea , there is not line enough in the tmderfianding of Men and Angels to reach the bottom of God ; he is a fea without banks or bottom. Secondly, The Lord is as the fea inhis goodnefs , fending out fo many fwect fireams, and feeding all the fprings of the earth ( Pp!. 6s. 9, to.) Thos vifitefl the earth and waterefl it, thou greatly inrrchefl it with the river of God , which isfull ofwa- ter ; thou prep"árefl them corn , when thou haft foprovidedfor it thou watereft the ridges thereofabundantly, cjc, Thirdly , As all the rivers come from the fea, and return to it , fo all good flows out and fprings from God , and all the glo- ryof his goodnefs thould return,or be returned to him in praifes and thanksgivings. Fourthly, The fea is fuch a vaa body , that though it fends forth water to feed the earth every where, and though all the ri- vers flow back into the fea , yet the fea is not at all abated by the water that it fends forth , nor increafed by all the water that returns to it. So how much foevcr God gives out to the crea- ture (he gives out all) yet he is no more emptied by it than the fea ; and whatfoever returns the creature makes to him, theyno more increafe nor add to him , than the fea is increafed by the rivers falling into it : there is no fenable appearance of the heightening of the waters of the fea , by the greatefi and vafief+ rivers that disburden themfelves into it. Secondly , As the fea is an Emblem of the Living God, in whom we live , fo of the world whereinwe live. Fir(}, The fea is a very unquiet part of the world. What florins, what tempefis are there upon the fea ? what rage and fu- ry in the waves of it ? fuch in unquiet thing isthis world , hur- rying up and down , and inraged often by florms and tcmpeRs a- riling from the lullsand-paflions of men even to-the fwallowing o p of all. O 2 Secondly,