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Chap.. 38. jn Expofition upon the Book of o n Verf. a t. Thusyethro fpake of Pharaoh and his boil ( Exod. 18 a i . ) ' In the things wherein they dealt proudly, the Lord was above them. Pharaoh and the Egyptians , like the proud waves of the fea, thought to have fwallowed up all 1frael ; but God made the fea to fwallow them up. Prcudmen , like mightywaves, think to íwallow up all ; but He is above them , that faith to the fea, 11ere jhall thy proud waves Be flayed. The Hebrew is, and here it (hall fet it felf againfl thepride ir1' ofthy waves. As if the Lord had Paid , IEtheycome here , my Flufiusrefte doors (hall meet them , my commands like bars shall flop them, Pluflquìavot- that they Chatl not be able to go a flep further ; they (hall not vunrur veurir. conquer my commands, nor break down the doors, nor dif- Et magnos folve the bars , which I have Bet up. The word rendred waves volvunt ad lit propetly lignifies a heap ; becaufe waves role in heaps one upon orafiut étiaxt theneck of another. iïtlJt a Firfl , In that this Text makes foparticular a defcription of thefragorevel provifion whichGod made tokeep the fea in order ; as loonas a quadfranguntue was born, he bound it up in fwadlinabands , and then brake up in iinor r a decreed place for it , and there fet up bars and doors , that it good interfe (build come nofurther. He put the Bea under confinement. c©tlidunrura Hence, Note ; The fea left to it felf, would mifchief all; the fen would return and cover the earth quickly. As foonas ever it brake forth out of the earth , it covered the earth ; and-fo it would do again if the Lord fhould let it alone. David tookfpecial notice of this work of God (Pfal. 104. 9.) Thou haft fet a bound that they (the waters fpoken of verf. 6, 7, S.) cannot pats over, that they turn not again tamer the earth. Which plainly implieth , that the waters would turn again to co- ver the earth , and fo recover their ñrfl liberty , even to over- fpread chi face of the whole earth , did not God reflrain and hold them in, as was Chewed before in the general explication of thisverle. Secondly , Note ; The creature cangó.nofarther than. Godpermits orfie err. P 2 Marro- to,