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112 Chap. ;8, vin Expo(stion upon the Book, of Jo s. Vert, g j à Thirdly , There is a lea of Affii&tion which we meet within this world; the Lord bounds that alto, and faith, hitherto ic /hall come and no further (t Cor. t o, 13.) There hath no tens., ration takenyou, but fuck as is common to man. Eat God isfaith- ful , who will not fuf er yea to be tempted above that ycuare able ; but will with the temptation alto make way to efcape, that you may be able to bear it. Fourthly, The Lord lets a bound to the lea of prophanenefs and ungodlinefs in the world ; that'sa lea that would over-flow all ; and that is a lea, for whole over-flowing, we have caufe to pour out floods óf tears. Hence that prayer of David (P;àl. 7. g. ) O let the wickednefs of the wicked come toan end! Did not the Lord put an end to the prophanenefs and ungodlinefs of men, they would be endlefs in prophanenefs and ungodlinefs. Theun- ¡otf knoweth nofhame (Zeph. 3. 5.) That is, he is never afhamed of any injuilice , but woula go on to do unjufilyand wickedly (in tofyoitum) who knows how long I. Fttthly -, The Lord lets a bound to the leaof error and falte docct_ine; the Lord faith , Hitherto /halt thou vine , and no fur. tier. Error would be as extravagant and boundlels as the fea , if the Lord did not bound ir. 6pilhanisee in his treatife of herefies,al- ludes to this Scripture,for the comfort ofhimfelfand orhers,when he law fucha high-grown lea of error broken in upon the Church. As7annes and fambres withfloodMofes,fadofuch ungodly men with. fland the truth <.fChrifb; bur(faith the Apoflle,2 7 im. 3.9.) They jhall proceed ro further. Didnot the Lord give a flop to the tit of fedu&ion that goethout from the Devil and the fallePro- pher, it would bring in a deluge of delufons upon the whole world , and (as Chrifi himfelf hath fore warned us, Mattb. 24. a4. ) deceive if it were poble, the very Eletp. But there is a bar and a bound for this lea alto ; though they come hitherto, to `this and that perfon with their errors , to this and that point of error , yet they fhdll proceed nofarther ; and here, evenhere, their proudand poifonous waves 'hall beflayed. JO B,