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Chap. 38. AnExpofition upon the Book of J o B. Vert., i 2. F t 3 J O B, Chap. 38. Verf. 12, 73, 14, 15. 12. 1t'aft thou commanded the morning free thy days,? and canfed the dayfp, ink; to knew hi place, 13. That it might take hold ofthe ends of the earth, that the wickedmight befsaken out of s: ? 74. it is turnedas clay to thefed', and they flan,' as à garment. 15. 4ndfrom the wicked their light is with -holden, and the high arm(pall be broken. He Lord in dealing with fob, had already put fundry Queilions to him about the earth , and about the fea, as frath beta (hewed in the former part of this Chapter'; here the Lord callshis thoug is up imo the ayre , or bids him look to the hea s , and duly confider the light of the Sun. In this the Lord intends the fame thing which he had done before, while he was queflioning f.k about the Earth and theSea, namely, tohumble him , and bring him to a full füb,nifíìon,by (hewing him his weaknefs ,, and utter incufEiciency, as alfo to fer forth his own wifdom , power, and greatnefs : Hafithou commanded the morning fine thy days? círc. We only gather up the general fenfe of thefe four verfes taro this brief fum. As if the Lord had thus befpoken fob ; If thouanterefl, that the things Ihavealrea- dy gueflioned thee about , were before thy time, and thereforemug needs be done, without either thycounfel or affiflance; then I ask thee farther , Haft, thon ever haflened or retarded , haft thou quickenedor ffopt the riling of the Sun, at any tame line thonwaft born? or haft than ever casejed themorning ligIt in any one of thefe few days, which thouhaft fees, to fp:ead it felt far aad near, even every where , to the uttermost arts of the earth ; thatfo chafe evil doers and night-birds, who being childrenof darknefs, cannot but hate the light , and love theworks ofdarknefs , might by its riling be at oncedifcovered andaffrighted? This [elms tobe the puspo fc and fcope ofGod in thefe words, More particularly, Q Veg., a2;