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Chap. 3$. an Expofltion opon the Book of J o B. Verf. 12. t 9 This command of God hath refpe&, not onely to his bringing forth the light every morning,or to his bringing forth themorning light everyday into the world ; but to his giving the light its being the first day of the world. God is the Father not onely of (primal light (Jam. t, 17.) but of natural (l'fa1.74 16.) The day it thine, the night alfo is thine thon haft prepared the light, and the Son. This glory is aCcribed to God by his holy Prophet.alfo (fer.3T.35.) Thus faith the Lord, whichgiveth ' the Sunfor a light by day, and the ordinances ofthe ifoon, and oftie Stars, for a light by night. The Lord gives thefe,as well as com- mand there ; and who but God can do either ? None cancom- mand the creatures unto their daily motion, but God ; much lefs could any command the creatures into their firfi being, but God. Howwife, how great foever men are, or feem to be in their own eyes or fight , they cannot make nor bring forth the leafl rayof light; much lets can they make fuch a world of light, as God bath made for the world. And furely there is no creature where iii we may fee and contemplate more of God than in the light, which he made the firft day , and now commanded-1 to make the nio :ning day by day. Nor is there any thing in the whop comet pals of Nature, either more comfo table or more admirable than the light. The commonnefs of it leffens onr clleem of it ; and becaufeit comes fo conflantly , and never fails, we are apt to look upon it as no great maíter , as no great mercy ; whereas indeed the light is not onely uleful and comfortable, but admi- rable ; and that it deferves there three attributes, I Chan briefly, (hew, by giving a touch at each of them. That, light is anadmirable creature, mull be confeffed, if we. confider, Fi;1l, Its original, or the way of itsprodu&ion. The Apo - elle treating about fpiritual light, tells us szhence the natural light came (2 Cor. 4. 6.) God who commanded light to Urine out of darknefs,e.c. Lightcame,as is were,out ofthe womb of darknefs. Now that, out of darknefs , black darknefs , fuch a beautiful child , fuch a goodly creature as light fhould be brought forth, is ie not marvellous ? Yet thus is was, God commanded light to thine out of darknefs. The Hillary of the Creation reports, There Ivae nothing bat darknefs opon the face of the earth, when the Lord laid , Let therebe light. Darknefs is totally contrary to light,