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To theChriflian Reader. no fadow of a reafon, why he fbouldhave the leafl jealoufe of Gods kindnefs to him and re- gardo f him,much lefsmake ('itch an out-cry,that Godwas unkind to, and regardlefs of H int,whom he hadnot only ennobled, as the reft ofmankind, with reafon,but renewedbygrace,andfilled with theholy fear ofhis great and glorious name. Thefe imprejons being made upon Job, by the mightÿ power of God fpeaking to him out ofthewhirlwind, he prefently cryed out as fafl againft i himfel f, and againfi his own ignorance and ralhnefs , as he baddone before concerning the harlhnefs ofhis fufferings under the handof God ; confefng (chap. 4o. 4.) Behold, I ani vile, what (hall I anfwer thee ? And ( chap. 42. 3, 6.) I have uttered that I underflood not, things too wonderful for me, which I knew not ; wherefore, I abhor my felt and re- pent in duft and aches. Job being thug humbled and melted down, Job who was lately in thedull of di(honour and almo1 in the dull of death, being thus brought to the duft of repentance ; the Gardfufferedhim not to lye long there, but quickly railed him up out ofall hisfufferings ; and, paffing by all his mifPeakings, while fufferings lay heavy upon him, he (The Lord) paged fentence upon, or gave