Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v12

To the Chriftian Reader. gave judgment againft Eliphaz and his two friends, as not having fpokenof him the thing that was right, as his fervant yob : and not only fo, but commanded themto do him right, by ac- knowledging that they hadwronged him ; why elfe were they orderedby the Lord to go unto him as a mediator for their peace ? why el f e were they ordered by the Lord to bring their facrifice unto him, that he offering it up, andprayingfor them, the wrath of God which was kindled a- gaina them, might be quenched, and they recei- ved into favour ? All thefe offices of loveJob freely did for them ; and no fooner had he done them, but God heapedfavours upon him, dou- bling his former fubfiance , and caufing all his former friends, who had carried it un- friendly, unhandfonsely towards him, andwould not own him in the dayof his difbrefs, to haften their addreffes,to bringhimhonourableprefents, and redintegrate their broken friendfhip with him. In all thefe things God bleffed the latter end of yob more than his beginning, and he found by comfortableexperience(which wasmen- tioned at the beginning of thisprefatory Epiftle out of Solomon's Ecclefiaítes)that theend ofa thing is better than the beginning of it ; the latter endof bis life being fullerofpeace,riches, B 2 and