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a 24 Chap. 32. An Expofition upon the Book,pf J o B. Verf. I; light , as to civil , and of fpiritual light, as to holy endsand en. joyments ; let no beam of light thine to us invain. It is finful, not to make a good Me of natural light, 'cis very finful and dan gerous not to make a good uCe of fpiritual, 'cis condemnation to refufe fpirii on Gofpel light , and to love darknefs rather than the light (John 3. 59) Fifthly, Seeing the Lord ha. h commanded the morning light for us, then by wayof retribution, let us thine forth in obedi- ence to his commands, and be as the morning light to glorifie God (ii'latth. 5. a 6.) We that have light made for us, tbould carry our (elves like lights, The Apoftleeither commends the Saints at 'Phillippi for fliining , or commands them to Thine as hgbto i the world (Phil. 2, 15. ) The Text runs in the Indica- tive Moöd (by way of commendation) amongwhom ye thine.' The Margin bath it in the Imperative Mood (by way of com- mand) Among whom thine ye as lights in the world, The Lord who bath commanded theSun to rife for our light, bath comman- tied us to rife and thine as lights , and be as fomany Suns of light in the firmament of the Church , and in all places to which we come. Therefore (as our bleffed Saviour, the light and life of :he world, bath counfelled us) Letour htthine (and fo thine) 6efore men, that they may fee our goodworks , andglorifie ourfather which is in heaven (Merck. 5. a6) We that have light comman- ded for us every day , how thould we be lights, and go forth as the Sun, caringout our rays and beams, in a holy and godly con- verfation ! And while we go forth and walk in fucha converfati- on , we go forth and walk as theSun in its ffrength, we enlight- en all the world where we come , anddazel the eyes ofthe wick- edworld, or of the wicked in the world. Sixthly , How fhould we, who have light commanded for us; avoid all theworks ofdarknefs; yea,Wefhould (as the Apoille ex- , horta, Rom, ì 3. 12, a 3.) cafi off the works of darknefs , aid put on the armour of light ; wefhoulei walk,honefly,as in the day: As in the day which the light of thenatural Sun makes, and as in the day, which the light of the myflical Sun, our Lord Jefus Chril}, bath made. . Seventhly, Remember, as Rod bath commanded a morning for us here , lehe will command a light, or a morning, a mor- ning light for all our aetions hereafter. As Ood bath made the light,