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Chap. 38. An Expoliition upon the Bask,, of J o B. Vet f. a. i 25 the light , fo he will bring all things to light. Many now live in the light of this world , whofe works are in the dark as well as theirsare works of darknefs. Now as the Lord bath commanded a morning to mine for us to worke by , fo he will have a morning wherein all our works (hall be fen (a Cer. ç. 5.) Hr will bring to light the bidden things of darknefs , and manifell the counfels o`, the heart. Men may dig deep, to hide their counfels fromGod_; but God knows how to bringthem and their counfels to the mor- sing , and will caufe a light to thine upon them , though they have no light of truth or rtghteoufnefs in them. Clod will brine- every work into judgement with everyfecret thing (Eccl. r 2. t4.) we muff` all appear (faith the Apcllle , 2 C. or. 5. i o. j or we mutt all be mantled; we mull appear, and fomud our work; to-o, Thole works of men (hall be light, as to their difcovery, which are nothing but darknefs , as to their impurity. Thofe deeds which have no light in then( , (hail come in the cleared lighr,and beplainly Peen to the bottom , both by Men and Angels. The Lord who bath commanded this morning light for us todo our work in , will command aborher morning light to judge our works in , and to give us the reward of them. And 1er alt the wicked of theearth, to whom the morning of any day (becaufe they are in danger to be difcovèred by ir) it as the fhadow of death (Job24. 17. ) Let them (i fay) confider how many thoufand deaths that morning will be to them , which will adlually, fully, and im- partially difcover all their wickcdnefs , with all the fecrets of it. Lafily , Confider if the Lord bathbeflowed fogreat a mercy upon us, incommanding the morning , or ingiving us light, the light of the Sun ; then let us beminded , how grear. a mercy the Lord hath bellowed upon us in comtnandin; the tight or morning of the Gofpel tocomeupon us. It was night with us , and fo it would have been for ever , for any means we could have deviled or ufed to help our felves out of it, till God commandedChri(l, the bright MorningStar (Rev. 2,2.46.) and Sun of Righteouf nefs,torife and thine upon us. How unfpeakable a mercy is it, that fuch a light fhould appear ro us , who not only were in darknefs, but were darknefs ; If we account it a mercy,that God bath com- manded a morning to (hjie to us ; Owhat a mercy is ir, that we have a Chrifl to (lone uponus! That the Day-Star from on high bath