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i26 'Chap. 38. t/fn Expo»Ion' tipon the Book,of i o "_ Verf. 12,.' bath vificed us I That he who is the true light, that enlightense- very man than cometh into the world (Plan . on us , both to fcatcer the darknefs of fin and ignorance ante,and o 'shear our fouls with the-rveet beams of his healing winos. Sa much of the lïr(i part of the verfe , Haft. thou comma. ded the merningfete thy day, 7Cìß S:irefecltáu- And caacd`theday frteg to know hisplace ro'rar,. That io, when and where it should break forth and_appear eve. Iflanl rymorning. The day-firing' isexpre(i bya different word in the "1,11...1 aurora original from the morning light ; it impiieth the fir(lof the difrè unt: hart morning , when the air is,darkifli or dus k itii we commonly call pt;nt diti it the grad ofthe morning. The ' t. -r eilxs rr;2nC g Ç word fie/dark, CO Óddrk, or that to r,ejus darknefs, which wecall twilight, When the day- fpring u(hers verb r,ej ra in the morning', there is a kind of dimmers in the light. Now avori. ilia faith the Lord , Haig thou caiufed the day-fpring to oow its place? ab inci v:fn haft than tarig&t it, where to Chew it felf to the world ? The canrdo, boca nigri Lcrd fpeaks here of the day-fpring , as if it were a rational crea- efpecie up, videtur. ream Lure , that took in(iru6tions , or a word of diredtion , where to rani resfub di. begin the mo;ning_light. God , not man; hath taught the day- , locum 4pparere f nng to know itsplace. We have a like expref ion (Pfal, 16. incipiurt nigri. r i .) Thomwilt 'hewme (or thou wilt eaufe me tokooa care zidenttar life. Thus the Lord makes the da - tin now the path toits h n C"..,'116 yfP gk -,p6 place. The day never fprings twice immediately in one place, J t nigrefere, but is in a continual variation , as, Afironomers with experience iiiirtr ufgreJ:en- teach. The place of the light or Sun riling differenh every morn- term Meer fry_ in l3 aannd from thencewe have the difference ofthe dayes.The Sun. S vavienéc rfling through the twelve figns of the Zodiack, beginning with &r, (I (hall not trouble you with theirnames, which have uno locooritur; been deviled and are ufed only for learningfake , the Sun, I fay, Cssraa,tarú ut "pang every year though there twelve Signs, all whichA(}rono- for afcendit our meta p efent untous under v#rious forms or figures, fuckas them - n zodtsczfb Art) according fancied moll ufeful to fubierve the underfianding of that to the fituation of there Signs, though which Merc. the Sun runs his course in the Heavens, the day-fpring tous on Earth chargeth its place every day, appearing fometimes more foutherly, and, ;fometimes more eaflerly, as the Sun either a- fcends to the Summer Solliice , at whicola time the day is at long- eft, and the night at fliorteil,as about the eleventh ofour Moneth called