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Chap. 38. !In Expofstion upon the'Bookof Jo B. Verf. r q.. 135 There is yet another reading and expofition of thirlatterpart Golduç, of the verfe, taking the word rendredwicked , not for perlons, but for things; and then 'tis read in the Neuter gender, The light takes hold of the ends of the earth, to [hake wickedor evil things (that to, thole things whichare noxious to the earth) out of it. The heat of the Sun riling upon the earth , exhales and draws out hurtful vapours from the earth , which, abiding in the bowels of it, would hinder its fruit- bearing, or make it barren. This fenfe isprofecuted all along by fome Interpreters, quite thorow the and a 5th verfes, but I (hall not flayupon tr. The Lord having (hewed this ufe of the light which he com- mands every morning, {hews (in the next verfe) fome other safes or effefts of it. Vert. 14. It is turnedas clay to thefoal , and they(landas a garment. This verfe (faith a learned Expofiter) is fo difficult , that heLocus difli°rílO) not tobe refufed,who offers any thing probable towards the open- eft, & quo inc, of ir. I conceive it may bell be underflood as an Expofitron f ß11daando9 of thole words in the former part of the a 3th verfe , That it dixeritatiauid ?night takehold of the ends of the earth , it is tanned 45 clay to the veriftetite, o feel; that is, the earth is turned as clay to the feal : for when the benigno alms light paffeth through the air, it lets as it were a new (lamp upon re¡puendnm non the earth. And then the former part of the r5th verfe, may be,o1° sanfh taken as an Expofition of the latter part of the a ;Eh verfe , That the wicked might be fhakenoat of it ; andfrom the wicked light c i witb-bolder; that is, they are utterly deftroyed; and fo (haken Out of the earth. It is turned as clay to the [cal, and they Randas agar- `ictï1D ment. ntn Hereare two metaphors to fet out the renewed face of the sicut tutum earth u on the rifingof the Sun, or the appearance of the morn f`' > p a ply figiUum impon. ing light. tur. Genitives Fir% Facial clay, altered by the teal. adjun£li. Pífc. Secondly, Frommans putting fre(h garments' and ornaments upon his body. It is turned as clay to the Peal. That is The approach of light makes agreat change upon the face