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..__ exnExpoftion upon theBook, of Jo B. Verf, i 3; fee, judge, and condemn themfelves. And thus the wicked are indeed thaken out of the earth, that is, out of their earthly flare of fin and unbelief. Secondly, Note ; ¡;tiedmenand light, areat nogoodagreement. Odit !item He that will continue in anyevil , bears no good will to any u irerogìt. kind oflight. There is nothingmore uncouth and difpleaíng toa man that refolves to live in fin, than the light of the 4Vo:d , yea, many times, than the light which (hines in the air. Such fay (as Lux iniaií;a he of old) when the day begins to break, Our enemy is coming. propirquat. Common day-light ( which is a great good ) much more di- frtrg. vine light ( which is d far greater good) is counted an evil,' by evil ones. what communion bath light with darknefs (laid the Apofile, z Cor. 6. 4.) And asthey who are light , ought not to have any complying communion with dárknfs ; fo they who are daAkdefs, cannot have or hold any plcaíing communion with light. Thirdly, If we take thefe words as holding out one mainde- fign of the Providence of God , in fending the light every morn- ing; namely , that thewicked may be fhaken oast of theearth. This (hews that wicked men Ihould be fpeedily proceeded with, and the earth unburdened of them. The ordinary ufe ofthe light is, that men may go forth to their labour (Pfal. 104, 2,3.) Now, as that is one great ufe of light, that manmay fee his honefi la- bour, and be guided to, or in the works of his calling; fo ano- ther great ufe of it is,ro apprehend wicked men,who do difhonefl work , and bring them to judgement. David Paid (Pfal. tor. 8.) /will early, or, in the mornia. deffroy a the wickedof the land : As loon as ever the light takt s hold of the ends of the earth, if I can, I will take hold of evil doers ; that is, I will not delay, much leCs , flop the courfe of jutlice againff them that do wick- edly. This was a kingly refolve , Earlywill I defiroy thewicked of the land. This was the Prophetscounfel (Jer. 21. 3.) Exe- cute judgement in themorning , that is, with the firCI opportuni- ty. It is not good to be raft in judgement, nor is it to be flack in judgement. Wicked men are aburden to the earth, there- fore 'cis fit with the firfi (when there is no other remedy) to un- burden the earth of them. There v