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142 Chap. 3S. n Expoftionupon theBookof Jog. Ve-- arm of the wicked which is here threatned to be broken. To the fecond and third Queries, I anfwer in a word ; It is God whobreaks the high arm, and he breaks it in what manner, and bywhatmeans foever pleareth him. In which we tray fee a fignal work of divine Providence; whichdoth not fuffcr the difference of good and evil, of right and wrong, to pafs long unobferved. And in this paffage po(i bly, the Lord might intend a refutation of what Job faid ( Chap. so. 3.) That God 'billedupon the Counfelrof the wickt4. , For feting the very light orlife of the wicked is with- holde}Lfrom them,and their high arm broken, doth not God declare and refifie that he loveth righteoufnefs, and hareth iniquity ? And if the minifrati- on of Divine Jufice lye in the darkarany time, doth not the re- turn of the light every day intimate, that a day of the revelation of the righteousJudgment ofÇod isat hand ? Thebrgh arm,fhali be broken. Hence Note, Firf wicked men may grow high, and have a very high and gong arm. Thereforebenot fcandalizedwhen 'cis fo. The moll high God often Puffers it to be fo. The wicked man in the Text is he that hath the high arm. Note , Secondly ; Ar all men by nature are altogether wicked in theirilate,fofewof themrare extreamly wicked in theirliver; They fin with an high hand, or with an high arm ; they finas if they would dare God himfelf. Not onely have wicked men been high in power, and high in place ; but there they have fin- ned highly., and (retched forth their hand agent} Heaven it fell. Note, Thirdly; 3bflwain 't'o- The wicked, howhigh or how jfrang foever theyere, they fh,ld hocverfrcufo be broken, ram '.i3 1 slims- A learned Inrerpreter takes. notice, that in the larger Bibles, riirmagnB and tnof correct Copies , the. HebrewWordiignifying.the wïck- esompl. men. ed , both in this 15th verfe , and in the z 3 th verfe , bathone datisfufpgnfom letter 0