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Chap. 38. /InExpafitton upon the l3eskof Jo B. Verf. 15, 143 letter railed up higher than the refs , and exceeding the ordina_ e/fe, i e" non ry form of writing ; as may be feen, if the Reader pleafe to call eodam tenon Teri- his eye upon the quotation in the Margin. This (faith my Au -1)t fed rra thor) is net (poffibly) without a miner ; even to intimate thus c.eterns fnrfurn much , that all the profperityand outward fplendor of the wick- verfar pondere ed hangs in fupence , or is very tottering andunflabie. But hon ,vedo whatever occahoned that irregularity in the Hebrewwr Ling , or k]'jJVJ°t good whatever it may import; this is a lute truth , that the highe& e- ññcarey quo zy flare of the wicked is very unfure. jux impüf 7-he Lard (who as Solomón faith, Eccl. 5. 8) is higher than the totUS Serum highefl (on earth) canquicklybringdown the higheit, and break fp(endorfir in or crufh the firong arm 'bell-lake as one wouldbreak a reed , or cru(h a ne1f° non moth. Thus the Lord Edom b his Prophet ere Jlnbrlas, y (fe . 49 Merc. s 6.) 0 thon that dwellefl in the elifts of therock , that holdefi the height of the hill ; though thon fhouldeft make thy ne/t" as high as theEagle, 1 mill bring thee down fròm thence,faith the Lord. And thus the Lord fpake byanother Prophet concerningthe ("Imorite, (Amos .2. 9.) Il is height Was like the height oftheCedars, and he was firong as the Oaks ; yet I defiroyed hisfruit from above , and bio roots from beneath ; that is, I utterly defiroyedhim. Yea,the very being of the wicked high and firong, is an argument that they fhall be brought low , deftroyed , and broken to pieces. WhenBaby /ons arm filet be in its highefi height , when fhe fhall fay in her heart , Ifit as a Qfjeen (that is, on high) and am no widdow, and (hall fee no forrow, When Babylon is thus prophecy- ing all good of her feif, and promifing all good toher fell, ,then fhall her plague come in one day, death andfamine , and mourning, and [he fhall be utterly burnt withfire ; for flrong is the Lord, who judgethher (Rev. 18. 7, 8.) He will break her high arm, and break it when (he thinks it highefi , and her fell fafefi. David whore arm God railed on high", affirmed all this of wicked high ones in general , or cif all thofe , who fhould be found high in wickednefs (Pfal. 92.7,8.) When the wicked fprinQasgrafo , and whenall the workers of tn,quity doHourifys , it is that they (fall be deflroyed for ever. As if he had Paid , that's the meaning of their prolperity , you may fpell that out of it , or make that in- terpretation of it , they fhall be defiroyed for ever, As the Lord remembershis people in their low eflate, becaufehis mercy enduresh for ever (Pfal. 136.'23.) fohe will take vengeance on the wicked in