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Chap. 38. aí1" Expafition upon the Book of Jog, Verf. i6. 14S J O B, Chap. 38. Verf. 16, 17,18. 16. Haft thou entred thefpringsof theSea ? or hay thou waited in thefearchof the depth? 17. Have the gatesof death been opened :into thee? or haft thou fun the doors of the fhadow of death? 18. Haft ¡boa perceived thebreadth o fthe earth ?de- clare, if thou tnoweff it all. IN the former Context the Lord made a (bort d'greflion from, thole quefiionings with which he had begun with Job , con- cerning his Works ; the occafion whereof mss the mention- ing of the wicked, who improved not, but abufed his works. In this Context the Lord returns to his former way of inter- togating job , and havingqu_flioned him about the birthor pro- dudion of the Sca , the bands and bounds of the Sea, at the Sth 9 h Loth and 1 a Eh verles , he queflions him here , Firfl, About the depth of , the unfearchable depth of the Sea (vet" 16,17 . ) Secondly , About the va(i breadth of the Earth (verf. 18. ) Thereby to convinceJob, that he, not being able to reach the depth of thofe mighty waters, nor to comprehend the breadth of the earth , was much lets able to comprehend the depth of thofe counfels , or the breadth of thofeways of providence in which himfelf hadbeen walking towards him. That's the general fcope and rum of thefe three verfes , as alto of all that follow, as bathbeen (hewed formerly. The lafl thing about which the Lord put the que(lion , was the Light , whereby hidden and fecret things are discovered ; here the queflion is about things that lie out of the light-, about hid- den and fecret things ; all which yet are moreplain and obvious to, more open and naked before the eye of God , with whom we have to do, than the Noon-day light tous, V Verf.