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144, Chap. 3s. 4,41. Lxpo(ition upon the Book, of jo a.Verf, 15' -- in their high efiate , becàufe his juftice endureth for ever. The Intl fin deferves a breaking ; but when the arm of fin is grown very high , we may fay the Lords arm cannot hold , he mull break fuch high arms. ; The'Prgphet - Proxy (chap. 6.6.) fpeaking of yerufalem , faith , This City is tobevifited; how vifited ? There is a twofold vifiting Firfi: , In favour, care, and kindnefs. Secondly , In wrath and judgement. Ufually when the Scripture fpeaks of viliting a City or a Land , it is meant in wrath and in judgement. Shall I not vi/it for thefe things , faith the Lord? (fer. 5. g.) Surely I {hall, there is no avoiding my vifitarion. What kind of vification is meant, the next words evidence, Shall not my foul be avenged opt fach aNation as this? To bevifited with vengeanceand wrath, is a fad Vifiration , and fo was Jerufalem to be vitited. But why was the City 1erufalem CO be vitited_ in wrath ? there's no City whole inhabitants are fo juft and righteous, but the Lord may, vifit them in wrath ; but of this City the Lord faid , it is wholly oppreJon; they are given up to oppre (lion , eve- ry one is oppreffing and wronging his brother ; now when they finned at this rate , when their armwas thus high in wicked- nets , then it was to be broken. There is a righteous God that judgeth the earth ; and therefore the high arm of unrighteouneff dull be broken. O 13,