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a48 Chap. 38. IvanExpofition upon the Book of J o n. Verf. 6, r,x- pr fig. To clear there words a little further, we may confider twoO. vificat aliquid cher readingsor traniluions of them. ga,rrere& in- Firit , Thus , Haiì thoa walked in the depth by /earth ? that is, atejlig.tre ufgue H,it thou found out a way cogo to the bottom of the fea by enri- ad fundu+n - muumuu:. ous learchand' diligent enquiry ? Hall thou by thy skill di'cover- 9 Y y Y ed how deep the tea is? Hatt thou let down thy line andplummet to fathom ic, and then defcended into is ? I know thou hall not. 1Su ad(imeti- - Secondly, Haft thou rooked to fearcb the deep? that is, Hail endum abyffum thcu gone down to the bottom of the lea, and there discovered arabulafli.Heb. the f,:cret and hidden paths of it ? I know (thy anfwer muti be ) in inveiligati- Thou haft nor. Haft thou entree' into the[ringsof thefea ? er one, i. e, ad in- haft thota walked in thefearch of the depth aejiigandum, P Codutc. Hence Note, Firtla There arefecretror depths in the fea , beyond mewsfearcbing ar findingout, The lea in many parts of it may be fearched. Some have been at the bottom of it , many have let down a line to the boa tom of it; yet it is usual in Scripture to fpeak of the lea as a thing un- fearchable, or fo deep, that none can Lind the depth of it. The fea is fodeep, that it is fonsetimes called the depth (chap. 18. s.) Thedepthfaith (that is, the Sea lair') it (that is, wifdom) M not in me. 'Tis allo called the deep (Luke 5.4.. chap.8, 3 t .) That is verydeep , which is called the deep ; and that's of an unfearch- able depth , which is called the depth. Sucha depth, fo deepis the tea, that no man knows how deep, or what the depth of it is? Now, if we cannot reach the depth of the natural fea , then (which is the fcope of t his place) furely there aredepths and fecrets in the ways and counfeis of God , which no man can e arch or find our. David (Dial. a 3 y. g.) fpeaking ofthe Om fntprefence of God , faith , whitherfhall 1gofrom thypretence ? ¡(f take the wings of the morning , and eTwell in the rattermoff parts of the fea ; there (hall thy bandfindme. There is nodepth, no breadth, but Godcan find it out ; but how little of the depth or breadth of God can we find out ! (Pfal. 36. 6.) 70 judge- ments areagreat deep; that is , thouOLord doll terrible things in judgement asangry, yet fuch righteous chinas as 'ull and wile that'cisvcrx hard for any , and impofible for the i mans , or moll of