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Clap 3 8. 4,4n Expolition opon the Bookof J o B. Verf. 16. 149 of em n to fee the rearm of them. And doubtiefs, is was the deep of his own divine judgements that God intended to lead Tb to, when he fpake here of the depth of the Sea. We read what the Apotile was fo;ccd to , when he was but , as it were,, dipping his feet into chic fea of the Couniels and Ju fgements of God , even co cry out , 0 the depth (Rom. t a. 3 3.) As if he had Paid , I dare not enter into the fprings of this tea, nor into die fearch of this depth. O the depth of the riches barbof the wrfdom and knowledge of God i how rsnfearchable are his judge- ments , and his ways pall finding out l This was Davids exprefs Confeifton concerning the providential way of God, Hutray is in the lea , andhis path in the great waters , and boo footf1cps are not known (Pfal.-77. s9.) C;orngs upon the rater leave no print behind than, we cannot cb:erve a track in the lea. God walks fotnetimes as upon the land ,we may eafily difcern his foorffeps, and fee whe e he hath l,o3e : But he often walks as upcn the lea, where no nuncan fee his paths, nor are his foodkeps known. The Lord is known by the judgement which he txecuttrh (Pial. 9. ProfonVtas 16.) yet his judgement s are fel fame known, they are a great rei ob- deep, a fea. The fra is á clear emblem of all obfcure and un- fcuriimaey known things, efpeciotly of thofe ways of God which arc too isnou,U'mahu. deep for our dì:covery , and lie beyond the reachof our know- mine n idea ledge. And indeed , as loon may we hold the fea in the hollow 8er eta vt of our hand , or lade it dry with a Cocki °-fhcll , as comprehend boúie, the deep counfels of God , and the myfieries of providence, by which they are aZfed and effe6ted in our (hallow underfianding. Onely what wecannot attain, either by fen''e or reafon, we may srnderfland by faith , as the Apoffle faith , We do that the worlds were made by the Word of God (Hob. t t .3.) Who is able , any other way than bybelieving , to enter into thofe fprings , or walk in the fearch of thofe def.ths z Secondly , Learn this from it ; There is nothing a fecrtt unto God. That which here is denied to lob , is robe affirmed of God. 34 knew rot thofe fecrets , but God knew them. jib him'lelf Paid (chap. 9. 8..) God treaderh tapon thewaves (:or as the H brew is, theheights) of roe fea. Here the Lord inr;matedh that he mvalketh in the depth of the lea : Both let fottb hisglory. God tom-