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_,--_-------° Chap. 38. xFg/;::ontelaon theBoaköfj o$. Verf, t>. 163 j O B,'Cfiep. 3r3. Verf. 19, 20, 21. 19, Where is the way where light dwelleth ? and as for darknefs, where it the place thereof ? 26. That thou fhouldefl take it to the bound thereof, and that thou fhonlde.i-t lnow the paths to tho houfe thereof: ,, t. Knower thou it", becanfe thou wall" then born? Or becaufe the numberof thy days isgreat? He Lord havingpoled fob in the former Context about the depth of the Sea , the darknefs of Death , and the vattnefs of the Earth ; here calleth him toan account a- bout the light of the Sun, and the darknefs of the Air, in there three vertes. As if he had raid , If thou knouieft the breadth of the whole earth, about whichI enquired lag or thee ; then tell me in what part of the earth deth the light dwell, and where is the ;place of darknefs Verf, r g. ,Vkere is the way where light dwelleth? The Septuagint tranflare , In what land doth light dwelt? Or otoia da3 rya, where is the land of light ? We lay , ,where is the way ?. The In pos terra. Hebrew word notes a trodden b In v,ay , or (as wefpeak) a Sept. high-way. where is the way where light dwelleth? That is, whi- ¡°ì1 cher light retireth , and cloth, as it were , betake it fell in the `Mi via =t, qua night, when it hash gone-its journFey, and is pari thy Horizon. 15'bir,n, For every one knows where light dwells, while the Sun is up IN it i , a irnerürpatiam us, and tlroesupon us But what becom,ts of it, or whither it ettrenfi,m, goes, when 'cis gone from us ,'that's a queliion, andhere (fay loure) the queflion. Theword which we trap late dwellcth,impl ikth a reticemear, a Verb= ptV rift after long labourand travel. eft ad quieten no t. where is the way where light dwelleth? and ae for darknefs durendaPem m alira - where is the place of it ? cub:comtnorarf, Here are togtat contraries (which cannot agree nor dwell Y z to-