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164 Chap. 38, an Expoftion upon the Book ,of b B. Verf, 19, ----together in anyone fubje&,yet) mec together in this Tex, Light and darknefs ; and there is tome , yea not a little datknefs in this . qucihion about the light. We need a great meafure of Divine Light to anfwer this quellion about the Light. Where is the way wherelight dwelleth ? Tell me , ()fob, if thou cant+, where light lodgeth, where it rel o:-eth it felf, when the Sun is gone down , and departed out of thy fight ? Tell me what way leadeth ro the lodging of light ? The words (as Interpreters give it) have in them a poe- tcal tine ure , as if the Sun felting, retired to his chamber , as we do, when the light andbufinefs of the day is ended. David fpeaks of the Sun ao a Bridegroom coming out of his chamber Pìal. a, 9. 5.) And when his race (as to us) is run every day, he bath a chamber ready for him : not that the Sun cloth at allend its m :Lion ,. or lit down to ref+, but becaufe it feems to re(, when it gocthdown tolls. As if the Lord had fail , Haft thou travel- led to the E lace of the Suns riling and felting ? Where is the wa where the light dwelleth ? y There may be a threefold anfwer given to there quef+icns, as light is taken properly for the natural light , the light of the day , caufed by the Suns approach ; and as darknefs is taken properly for natural datknefs, caufed by the with -drawing of she Sun. Firf+ , Some ( becaufe the word d.welleth notes a flay or anabode , for fuch is a dwelling place) anfwer the quel+ionge- mgraphically , and fay , light dwellceb under the Poles. There are two poles of the earth, the Northern and the Southern, under both which interchangeably light and darknefs abide fixmoneths together ; and becaufe of the long flay and abode of light and datknefs there , Geographers reckon and conclude the dwelling of light and the place ofda-knefs ro be there , and that therefore theSun path two dwelling houles, óne in the North,the other in the South. Secondly, WhenAl+ronomers anfwer there quef+ions, where is the way where light dwelled)? and where is theplace of dark:. atcjs? They fay, The Eaf1' is the place of light; and thewefi, the dwellingof darknefs : And the reafon given is this , Becaufe the.Sun rifech in the fat+, and goes down in the Well, leaving the