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Chap. 38. An Expsfirron upon the gti9k,of j'o B. Ver f. ío. 167 light , and leads the darltnefs whither. hepkeafeth. The crea- manu& pote tu:e tel aineth unmoved and , it ftirreth not till the Lord.(lan'e. Si rk'e taketh it by the hand, or putteih total his hand to difpole of it as ña r,4imt m- it pieafeth hirn,to the ufe orplace he bathappointed it ; O:,. ta mers jaeetit C7fqualebit . 7o the bound thereof ? matera, The Original Word figniieth a limit or utmofl point ; imply- dota c fr t no that the Lord brings the light to its due and p:oaer place ; p , , lem;aelipit and ..hat, as he bath determined the bounds of mans habitatton(Acts t;el:mar, ?ucit 17.26.) fo he bath altobounded the habitationof lightand dark- a. Tiereduéir. neio, or the benefit and let vice of tnan: As if the Lord had laid, -171'x, 1-daft thou done this , O Job ? furely no; that's my ivory, ; lam be that taketh the Sun in my hard , and brtngeth it to the bounds thereof ; I direte at what point it fhall rife and let ; Tris rebat know the paths, to the houfe thereof ,. and ¡I can readily. call for it ,. and caul it to appear ir, time and place appointed : Thou knoweft, not where to have the light- to bring light forth ; but I do.. From thefe two verles laid and confideted together ,. Obferve,, Firfl; Natural light and darknefs have their fpecial places,, their dwelling places ; per they have ,no, where ,a,ylong abiding place. .fl Tabernacle (not handing houle) is f et for the Seen (Pfaff;, 19,4.) ATabernacle is a moveable houle. The'Sun bath a hoùfe every where , but it keeps houle or abides no.where,' Tis not only alwayes moving in its place -,. but daily.retnoving to other places ; and fo, consequentially, is darknefs., tes it is thus with natural light and darknefs , about which the q..efiión is literally prcpoled ,. fo with civil light and darknefs,, about which the queflion alto is intended. Théfe-have Their piaces,their dwel l ngs,and'1is feldome that they dwell long in any one place,Light and darknefs are not more inrerchangeable iu the Air,than joy and fortow are in the haresand conditions of men.. Wemay likewife conclude, that fpiricual light and darknefs have their bodes and their dwellings... Spiri;pal ;ï ht , both the. fight of knowledge, and the light of comforr, d x ell, Fr, h ,.ln Chcih hinfeif ,Inhim as Mediator, all fsclrefi divelle,, (Coi. 1..79..) and of his fulnefs we all ree.eivegrace. forgráce, (Jo;