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AMMO 166 Chap, 38. an Expooftion upon the &kofJo a, Vert. 2e. the Sun is up ; and darknefs filleth the air when the Sun is gone down , darknefs: being the privation or wantof light; or dark- nefs ( according to the ideal definition of it) beeng the fhadoioof the Earth coming between us and the Sun. When theopacous or thick body of the Earth interpofeth between us and the Sun, darkneísfolloweth, And if this be all, there feenzeth not tobe much difficulty in knowing where the light dwelled) , and Where the place of darknefs is; therefore furely that was not the foie intendment of God in putting there guettions to job. But when ,` he faith, where is theway where .light dwelleth ? &c; . Ir is as if he had laid , `Z3ifE thou underhand the ordering :dndmethodiz ng of fight and darknefs ? Or howit cometh topair , that one partof the World hath light while the other is covered with darknefs, and how light returns to that other part? Haft thou made this tempera- meet and vicictude of light anddarknefs , orprocured that theday fhould be lone in the faineco wry , at onefeafon of the year , and flsort at a, of1 er ? , fdaib thou difpolsi the Sun tomake fhort °rights in Summer, and long inWinter 2. This the underflanding of man is not well able to comprehend , much lets his power to effe&. Onely taie infinite wifdom of God bath put light and darknefs in- to this method, and given them their certain feafons. And that this is the meaning "of the '1 Text, we may gather more clearly fron the next verle for the Lord having laid , where is the way where light dwelleth ,? and as fordarknefs, where is the place there of? prefently adds, Ver f. 2n. That thou frcu /deft take it to the bound thereof and that thou fhouldefl know the paths to the borde thereof? Therewords (hew that theformer queffionschiefy refpe& the order and dipofure of light and darknefs. Tliat thou fbouldell take it, t1ä7 The Word fignifieth the taking of a thing in ones hand. As if habetdc- t , v Vinha quite he Lord. had laid , Doff thou everymorning take the light in thy a am. hand , and brims -it to the bounds or utmof} limits thereof ? Art thou able to dìreSt the light where it fhould abide , till fuch time as it is tocome forth again to thee ? Ni1ilr ovetur There is a manudu&ion, a divine manudu&ion of all the ern- quad noudedu- cures by the wifdomeand power; of God he as it were leads the caterijfa dei light,