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Chap. 38. n Es.pofèrion upan the Boo(of JOB. Verf, ao. 169 llgain, Spiritual darknefs bath its place ; and we fhculd la- bour to know the place of `that darknefs, to avoid it. Ignorance is fpiritual darknefs, and that dwells in the heart of everyman by nature. All that continue in that fad condition, have their underflanding darkened through the ignorance that is in them, (Eph. 4. 18.) and they who now are in the light , were once in the dark , yea they weredarknefs (Eph. ç. 8.) Let it alfobe re- membred , in whomfoever this darknefsof fin and ignorancea- bides, theymuti abide under the darknefs of wrath and judge - ment for ever. The place where that darknefs dwells ishdl, and there outer darkneff (as often called in the Gofpel)dwells, even fuch darknefs as wherein thedamned are not onely out of the polfeiraon of the leafs ray or glimmeringof light , but without any hope or cxpeaation of ir. 1-lell is quite beyond the bound or boundaries of light ; there's darknefs and thick darknefs, no- thing but darknefs. Thus we ice light and darknefs have their places , natural light and darknefshave theirs , and fo havefpiri- cual and eternal light and darknefs. Secondly, From the fcopeof chefe two verfes, ()Verve ; Ìt is God who difpofetb and orderethlight and darknefs. Thequeflion was put to Job, whether he haddifpoied ofthem; but he could not affume tohimfelf , that he had taken or laid the light to thebound thereof , or knew the paths to the boufe thereof. Lightand darknefs are at the difpofe, and under the command of Godalone: And as thework or power of God is wonderful in the difpofe of natural light and darknefs, fo'ds much more won- nefs ; in the difpoie of civil, fpiritual, andeternal light anddark- derfuI there the Lord taketh to their bound , and knoweth the paths to their houfe. Iform light and create darknefs (faith theLord , Ifa. 45. 7,) What light and darknefs doth the Lord there fpeak of ? Surelyof civil light anddarknefs, as the next words im- port , 1 makepeace and createevil ; I make and create them , I alfodire& and appoint themwhither togo , whether roa Nati- on or to a manonly, whether to this or that man or Nation. Darknefs is of me as truly as light. And that not only civil,hur fpiritual and eternal light anddark- nefs are atGods difpofe, is as evident from the Scripturesof truth.