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170 Chap. 3a. tAn Fxpefition upon the Book, of J o ï. nett. 20 truth. Some lands may be called lands of light ( likeGofhen others (like Egypt under that threedays plague) may becalled lands of darknefs. Of fuch lands that complaint is made (Pfal. 74. zo.) The dark places of the earth are full of the habitation; of cruelty. All places of the earth full of ignorance, not knowing God , ofathe fine, not acknowledging God , of idolatry , wor- fhipping fait gods , or the true God falfly , may be called lands of darknefs, or the dark places of the earth. Now as the Lord maketh one land a place of fpiritual light, fo he leaveth an- other to be a place of darknefs. And he often maketh changes from darknefs to light, that's mercy, and from tight to dark- neis,that's wrath,in the fame lands. Some lands whichhad fate in darknefs for ages and generations , the Lord pathvifited with Gofpel light ; and force lands , which for ages and generations had that light , are now laid in darknefs. How fad a witnefs of this are the anciently famous feats of the Afian and African Churches, now under Mahometan power ! And further, as the Lord diff'ofet!a that outward fpiritual light and darknefs, giving the knowledge of the Gofpel ro , or taking it away from Nations , as he pleafeth ; Co he difpo et!) inward light or da; kneis to every foul. Some gracious fouls walk in the light of Gods countenance , and under the tweetfl,inings oç his face every day ; othero,who alto (as the Prophet fpeaks , Ifa. So, te.) Ftar the Lord, a-,d obey thevoice of bes fervants , walk in darknef ,and fee up light. Noto, whence cometh this difference ? ï is not of the Lord , who bath the commandof our joys and cf our fórrows , and who appoints this kind of light and darknefs their feveral and fpecial places , according to the foveraignty of his own will ? From alt that bath been faid , we may draw down this conclu. fun , wi-ich the Lord did chiefly aim at in dealing with ph; That weare to ownand acknowledge the band of God in everycondi- tion : be it light , orbe it darknefs ; be it joy, or be it furrow ; 'tis all ofGod. There is nothing whichconcerns either the com- fort or trouble of man, but comes forth fromGod, and is order- ed by him ; like as in all ages and revolutions of time , light and darknefs have held their courfe, and kept their place, according to his inflitution and direaion, yob was indarknefs, both as to his outward and inwardc1ate; hisbody was pained,, his fout was