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Chap. 38 1r Expfrion upon the Book of J o B. Verf. 2r. fpiricual life and light yea , he is the way to eternal light and hfc. Holinefs and faith in Chria are the pairing way to this light, butChrill him:elf is the way procuring light. withoutfaith it ie impoffible to pleafe God , and without holinefs no man can feeGod. Curia is the meriting way, faith and holinefs are the qualifying way,lcading us to the houle and dwellingoi this light. As fin and uabelief,or the finof Unbelief,is the way leading to eternal dark- nefs (O how many go this way toche generation of their fathers, where they thall never fee light(Pfal,4g, t g.)Co faith and holinefs, or holyFaith, is the way,the path to everlafling light and life. Thus much of the enquiry made about the war and path of tight anddarknejs, which as they are literally tobe underftood at natural light and darknefs : fo by them God ledYob , and in him us, to confider his difpofure of all forts of light and dark- nefs. Now , That Yob might be convinced of his own ignorance in, and inlufficiency for an anfwer CO thefe quetlions, God calls him toconfider the late beginning and fhortnefs of his life , know- ledge beinggathered up byexperience , and length of days af- fording both time and opportunity for the gathering up of expe- riences. Yob was but of yeílerday, in comparifon of the day wherein the interchanges of light and darknefs were appoint- ed ; and therefore (fhould it be fuppofed that days could teach him how thefe things came to pals, yet) he could not but be much unprepared for a ready and fatisfying anfwer to thefeque- ítions. Verf. 2 a. Knoweft thou it, becauje thou waft thenborn ? Or bec.ufeíbenumber of thydays itgroat ? Thequcflion frill proceeds about the natural light and dark!- nefs, Knoweft thou it ? That is, what I lall putto thee: If thou knoweft it how cameft thou by thy knowledge ? Knoweft thou is Becaufe thou waft then born ? 173 TheTygurineTrat?{lacion renders the words thus °Doff thou Mend tum ep», know the time when thouwaft born? As if the Lord hadargUed quo nofrebarî. thus :1-Y614.!