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177 Chap. '38. an Expolition upon the Book of Jo s.Verf. 18 thus with fob ; Thou dolt not know the hour of thyown Nati- city , or when thou waft brought forth ; how much lefs the way or manner either of their produ6tion or conftitution , which were brought forth and ellablifhed many ages and generations before thine. Doti thou know when thou waft born ? But I rather adhere ro our own reading, Knowefi thou it, be- caufe thou waft then born ? That is, becauf thou livedff then,and haft livedever fìnce, and fo haft gathered up the knowledge of thefe things by oblrvation. Surely when I put thefe things in order , when I difpoled the way, and the dwelling, the path and place of light &dar kneîs,and took them to their bound,thouhadit not fo muchas a being ; how thencamel thou to this knowledge ! I knovv,and thou mutt needs confefs , it isnot becaufe thouwaft then 6orn;waft thou ? The purpofe of God in this quetlion , as to thew that he was before the Creation of the world , even from everlafling, therefore knew all things; but that Job was of lit- tle ftanding in the world , and therefore knew little , efpecially not thole things propofed. There is a double reading and un- derffanding of this verte. Some both of the ancients and moderns expound it ironically, as if the Lord to humble Job , pnt a (corn upon him in fuch a te- Hour as this : Doubtlefs than knoweft the dwelling of light, and the placeof dark iefr, thouknoweft when and how I fetled the motions of theheavens , and the changes which they make here in this lower Annoed.mur world ; becaufe thouart asold as the heavens; or contemporary with sr. theworlds creation : Thou wall born fare, when I did thefe things ? As if the Lord had laid plainly and reprovingly , Wilt thou who Triduo news. (upon the matter) waft bornbut three days ago., or ytfterelay , wilt Si harm re. thou take upon thee to underftand my matters , as if thou couldit rumvia renot number as many years as thewhole Creation ? Some holding the fe dixeru, item fame fenfe , render the Text cuttingly enough , thus ; If thou dic re cunt ex- fa eft thou knowetf the way of thefe thins thou art belt allo to titff. Chryf. y n Olymp. fay, thouwall born, or in being, when thefe things were done. Inowefl thou it, becaufe thouwaft thenborn ? Orbecaufe the nuanber ofthy days úgreat? Even asgreat as ever any time Adam, We renderboth the partsof the Text as aplain Interrogation, Knowef thou it becaufe thou waft then born? yet carrying a dole re