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Chap. 38. trfn Expoftties :epos theB,okpf ,J o n Verf, 2 2. and comfort of man , or evil for his hurt and punifliment , are ufually in Scripture expreffed by this Word. Thus fpake MfeJ, encouraging the people of 1, frael to obedience (Deut. 28. r 2.) The Lord (hall open unto thee boagood treafure , the heaven togive thee rain unto thy land in hit feafon, ¢e, And God had) his jug and righteous treafures of wrath, even as men heapup and have their evil and unrighteous treafures of fin (Dent. 32. 34. Rom. 2. 5.) Thus the Apofile lames tells ungodly rich men (chap. 5. 3,) Te have heaped treafure together for the loft days, Which may be underfiood of their getting their treafures of riches fo unrighteoufly in their days, as would prove a heaping together of wrath againfi themfelves in the lafi days or day of the laft judgement. Treafures of good or evil imply three things : Firfi , The fecrecy of what is laid up. Se>rondly , The fafety of it, or that it is furely laid up. Thirdly , That there is fiore or great quantities of it laid up. A little is not a treafure. The (now may well be called a treafure in all thefe refpeets ; for 'cis fecretly laid up, no man can fee it; and 'cis fafely laid up, none can reach or take it away ; . there are altovaft quantities or great abundance ofit. Haft then tarred into the treafures of the (now ? As if the Lordhad laid , Thou 0fob , haft oftenPeen thefnow fall , and thou mayefi eafily perceive that it falls out of the clouds ; :but hag thou afcended , or can any afcenl unto thole airy regions, wherefnote is generated and laid up, its in or treafs:re ? If not,fure- lythen no man can afcend toheaven, and there fearch out or dífcé- ver theenyfíeries andfecrets of wifdom andfogice in my works here below, unlefe by the wings of faith and the light of a fpirttual App. ler.£fanding,'whichfttsdown fatts&ed in this conclufton, that all is wifely and iuffly done, which Godboth, whether in heaven orearth' To bring job to this acknowledgment, was the deignand pur- pofe of God (as bath been toucht before) in all the quefiions propounded to him in thisand the nextChapter. Haft thou eutred into the treafures of thePow ? What the (now is , the nature and the wonders of it , was fpiokenof and Chewed, at the fixth verle of the 37thChapter. Aa a All