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i 8.o Chap. 38. at, F:rpofstion upon the Book, of J o B. Vert. 2:2. All that I (hall further add for the opening of this que ftion, is,, that when God fpeaks here of the treafures of froze, we are not to underhand it , as if he had great heaps of Inuit/ formally amafied ùp together inany place of the air , as men lay up area, lures of money or corn, or of any other ufeful smatter ; but the words are an elegant Metaphor , the meaning onely this, God bath abundance of fnow ready at his will and difpofe , at his call and command , whenfoever or wherefoever he is pleated to make ufe of it ; for 'cis as eafie wi,h God at anytime to draw out and powre down abundance of fnow, as ifhe had infinite (lore of it kept alwayes by him. He no fooner fpeaks the word, but the faceof the earth is covered, and its bofomes filled with Liver (hovers. Haft thou entred into the treafures of the fnotv,? Or haft thou feen the.treafures of the hail ? These trealures of hail are of the fame nature with thole of fnow, and fo to be uncle: flood as the former ; but there is a.dif- ference in the form of Enowand hail, though not in the matter out of which (now and hail are formed. Rail (fay Naturalifts) is ahot vapour , drawn up to the middle region of the air, whence f xlling,_ it isfrozen in paffage into lefer or greater f ones or grains of ice. Thefe hail-flones are fometimes poi6red down fo great in quantity , and often in filch greatquantities, that it may well be Paid , there are trealures of them. And when the Lord puts this queflion to lob,, Haft thou teen the treafures cf the hail? he Teems to allude to thole who infpeet the publick creature of any Kingdom or Common-wealth , receiving in and iffuingout the revenues of it, as accafion requires, and as they are requi- red. As if the Lord had laid , Haft rbou, O fob, like famegreat Lord rrenfurer , taken 'a view of there flores ? / know thou wilt confers r thou haft notfeen themwith thy bodily eyes ; Iknow a,fo thou haft not reacht them clearly with the eye of thymindor underfand- ing;even tbofe treafures aregreater than thoucant im4agin.All that which thou haft any way feen , is lets than the leaft part of that which thou haft not feen. Haft thou feen the treafures of the bail'? From Loth the parrs of ! he verfe a Note , Firf ; CQd,hath f ord offnow agehail. Trek.