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14- Chap. 38. an Expofition upu:.r goak,of J o B. Vert e was not well pleafed with him, but purpofed to reprove and De turbine in chide him. Though fob was aprecious fervart of God,yet God dignorionn in- was not well pleafedwith manypaíiàges under his aflflióion, and dire. therefore he would not flatter but laumble'him r For though job fpake from an honefl heart , and what he faid was truth, yet God did not like his manner of defence and pleading for him- felf : He was not pleafed to fee him hold up the Bucklers to long, when he fhould have hid them down rather, and fubmitted, David to thew how greatly the Lord was difpleafed with his e- nemies , tellsus what dreadful effedls followed the hearing and granting of his prayer againft them , (pfäl. t 8. 7, 8, 9, &c.) f/sen the earth fhook,and trembled , the foundations atfoof theh's moved andwere Jha,ben , becaufe he was wroth ; there went a fmike out of his noflrils, and fire out of his mouth devoured, coals alfo mére lZndled by it : he bowed the Heavens al fo and came down , and darinefr was under his feet, e. Thus the Lord appeared in an Earthquake, in fmoke, in fire, and darkneffe, ro make the proud oppofers of his faithful Servant David, know how much his anger was kindled againfi them. Thus alto when the Lora revealed himfeif to Elijah (a Kings r9. r a.) its laid, agreat andftrong wised rent the mountains and brake the rocks ; and after the wind , an Earthquake ; andafter the Earthquake, afire, before the fí'itl voicewas heard: And why all this, but to Phew that the Lord was highly difpleafed with the doings of the Kings of Ifrael at that time , and with that idolatrous generation ; therefore he appeared in fuck a dreadful manner, while he purpofed to con- clude all in aflill voice. Though the Lord was not in the Wind, in the Earthquake, nor in i heFire, yet there were fore-runners of hisappearance, and fignified that the Lord would fpake that peo- ple with a mighty Wind andEarthqùake of Judgement , yea e- ven confume them with the fire of his wrathful jealoufie,for their fúperflitious following after Baal, and deferring his appointed Worfhip. Whenthe lufls of wicked men grow fiery and flor= my , God will convince them with fire and flormes ; and if his own fervants grow too boldwith him , he will make them fentible ofit, as herehe did lob, by (peaking to them out of a Whirl- wind ; though he be intended to fpeak to them at Taft as he did to Elijah, in a (till voices and to rob, with favour and appro -,, bation. Thus